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T491C226K016ZTのConglomerates' takeovers of media outlets are not unique to India. But New Delhi-based historian Mukul Kesavan, who is also an independent journalist, says Indian media takeovers by Modi government allies are "symptomatic of a larger malaise" posing threats to rights.♦CDR33BP162BFUSAR☼Syria's war began with the 2011 Arab Spring protests that roiled the wider Middle East and toppled governments in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen. It later morphed into a regional proxy conflict that's seen Russia and Iran back Assad. The United Nations estimates over 300,000 civilians have been killed in the war. Those figures don't include soldiers and insurgents killed in the conflict; their numbers are believed to be in the tens of thousands.❁


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ECJ-1VC1H470J⇚Charlotte and Katie Manye were singers in a South African choir that traveled to England, Scotland and Ireland for a series of concerts between 1891 and 1893. The sisters' reaction to the news and some of the details of the trip are documented in The Calling of Katie Makanya, book drawn from a series of interviews Katie recorded later in life and compiled by Margaret McCord in 1995 — the daughter of a doctor with whom Katie worked for many years.➸C327C511KAG5TA7301☭At a Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport hangar Saturday, Majcunich-Beasley and Malia commended Sikes for his actions 18 years earlier.◎


¤The national emergency allowed the government to take sweeping steps to respond to the virus and support the country's economic, health and welfare systems. Some of the emergency measures have already been successfully wound-down, while others are still being phased out. The public health emergency — it underpins tough immigration restrictions at the U.S.-Mexico border — is set to expire on May 11.⇔FQD9N25TM♀Dhirendra Pratap Singh, an inspector at the Bersar Police Station in India, the town in which the four Indian victims of the crash lived, told CBS News' Arshad Zargar that he'd met with the four men's families and confirmed their identities from the video.▒C1206X270F5HACAUTO◨Earlier this year, the police department announced additional ways to adopt a policy of less-lethal-force. That includes increased supervision by superiors and more protective equipment for officers. The changes were unveiled in March following a review of all 18 officer-involved shootings in 2022.▬C1210X512K8HAC7800⇖The marketing world has shifted dramatically with the rise of social media influencers. Content creators, who accumulate large followings with their perceived authenticity, are part of an industry that was valued at $16.4 billion in 2022 and has grown nearly tenfoldin the past six years. Nowadays, nearly 75 percent of marketers use influencers to promote products, according to data from Mekanism.⇙

⊟"This is an ongoing, active investigation," Harvey said.▦C324C360G3G5TA▕The recent outbreak of mpox is a classic example, he adds. "Once it hit richer countries outside of Africa there was lots of interest," he says. "Now the cases are going down in those [wealthier] places. But the virus is still in Central and West Africa, causing significant disease." The challenge, however, is that the number of people affected is "not in the hundreds of thousands. So if you're purely basing it on economics you say, 'Okay, Well why would I develop a test for that? How much would it be used?' We're in this sort of no man's land where it's been hard to get test makers engaged."↡


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C0603X439C3HACAUTO☭But that day in the spring of 2021, as Destiny intervened, for several minutes the patient punched, kicked and bit her. And by the time a team of security guards and other nurses could free her, the patient had ripped out chunks of Destiny's hair.▕MPS751ZL1▥Branigan, a former China correspondent and now London-based reporter for the Guardian, found those painful memories lingering just beneath the surface of everyday conversations among a generation of Chinese, yet when she probed deeper, people clammed up. Counterintuitively, the past is too close to talk about.↷


▥The Monitoring and Coordination Committee is to be made up of three representatives each from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia and three representatives from each party.⇈SS5P3-E3/87A◁“This is how you enable a monster,” she tweeted.♣1808WC471MAZ1A☼Patrick Murray, legislative director for the VFW says it's uncharted territory for veterans.▦T95S225K016CSSL☪Teixeira has been charged with unlawful retention and transmission of national defense information and unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents. If convicted on both charges, he faces up to 15 years in prison.▧

♤Eventually it became the chorus of "Gasolina," the mega-single that catapulted the rapper to global fame and took reggaeton from an emerging genre born in the Black working-class neighborhoods of Panama, New York and Puerto Rico, to one of the most profitable in the music industry.➳MS2393☣Vice President Kamala Harris announced the deal during a visit to the Qcells solar panel factory outside Atlanta. The South Korean company's corporate parent, Hanwha Solutions Corp., said in January it will invest $2.5 billion to expand its Dalton, Georgia plant and build another plant in nearby Cartersville. Qcells projects it will supply about 30% of total U.S. solar panel demand by 2027, including making solar panel components usually manufactured outside the United States.⇔


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