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➝"The worst that could have happened didn't," he said, "but I think the hard part sets in now: trauma."□C2012X5R1E155K085AC❒Drugs used in medication-induced abortions — which make up the majority of those provided nationally — could be dispensed only in person or by a physician under the Florida law. Separately, nationwide access to the abortion pill mifepristone is being challenged in court.✣CWR09DK335KB⇚In a scathing 114-page report, the Fed says its own supervisors were slow to grasp the extent of the problems at Silicon Valley Bank, and when problems were identified, supervisors failed to move aggressively enough to ensure those problems were fixed.卍CGHV60170D-GP4❖Meanwhile, industries such as construction and manufacturing that are particularly sensitive to interest rates also added jobs last month. Builders added 15,000 jobs in April while factories added 11,000.⇅

ⓛBut before a judge could rule on that motion, Moskowitz said his team had another idea. The attorney had prepared a second complaint after clients alleged they’d been scammed by another one of O’Neal’s ventures, which sold non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. When they saw O’Neal was covering the game between the Heat and Celtics, a process server sprang into action.✲BC847CW RFG➲Some 59% of those who have been in the U.S. more than two decades use some form of "American" to identify themselves compared with just 17% of Asian immigrants who arrive in the past 10 years.◈


☼The Congolese government declared Monday as a national day of mourning, with flags to fly at half-staff in memory of the victims.⇣1812Y4K00180JCR◦Voters interviewed by NPR before the polls closed Sunday said they had ample reason to be dissatisfied with Erdogan's recent performance. After years of presiding over a strong economy, prices have soared and stubborn inflation has families struggling to make ends meet.▨1210J1000823KXT☼The only way to test the effectiveness of ICG is to wait until someone comes into a hospital after having eaten a death cap. Then doctors can give the patient the drug and see if it helps.ⓞ1210Y0160561JFR£DiBiase is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to commit theft concerning programs receiving federal funds, six counts of wire fraud, two counts of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and four counts of money laundering.□

↴Caitlyn Paxson is a writer and performer. She is a regular reviewer for NPR Books and Quill & Quire.★T95Z107M6R3LZSLⓔAs much as Lone Women is a horror novel, it's also a western, and LaValle's take on the genre is refreshing. He centers the book around women and people of color — it's a welcome antidote to the westerns of the past, where the heroes were always white men, and anyone who wasn't one was either a villain or a supporting character.☪


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NP88N055KHE-E1-AY⇍The three of them help people talk to a reasonable facsimile of a lost loved one, and business is booming. The money is good and Magnolia stops going to the gas station and moves in with Cotton, but not everything goes well. Magnolia is afraid her unwanted pregnancy will be the end of their partnership and Cotton has strange desires and even stranger requests for their growing list of clients. While dealing with the aftermath of her abortion and trying to hide from her landlord, the ghost of Magnolia's late grandmother — herself haunted by a different ghost — starts visiting her and Magnolia soon understands that more than her rent hangs in the balance. House of Cotton is a bizarre, uncomfortable read in the best way possible. Brashears delves deep into what it means to be a young, broke woman of color in a world in which predatory men are at your doorstep, in the streets, and even at church. She's not always likable, but real people rarely are, so her rough edges and the way she stumbles through life, a bit defiant, a bit scared, and sleeping with men to fill the void in her soul — and failing to do so — make her more memorable and unique, and her flaws contribute to the empathy she generates in readers.◈VJ1206A152GXBCW1BC▧California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 89, has not cast a vote since mid-February, as she continues to recover from shingles. Some of her Democratic colleagues have called on her to step down, including fellow Californian Rep. Ro Khanna, who told NPR: "I don't know any other job in America where you can't show up for months, you don't tell people when you're going to show up, you've been sort of absent for a year or two, and there are no consequences."✪


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CDBMHT150-HF◘House said states with abortion bans have worse health outcomes for Black mothers and babies, and she said Black, Indigenous and Latino communities are "by far the most at risk with the elimination of the safest form of abortion care."▓CC0603FRNPOABN560あ ▥


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BSD214SN L6327﹌Tensions have simmered along the Lebanese border in recent weeks as Israel appears to have ratcheted up its shadow war against Iranian-linked targets in Syria, another close ally of Iran, Israel's archenemy in the region.▋0805Y0630100KFT▩Sharp is the latest in a long line of British public figures brought down by dealings with Johnson – who himself was forced to resign from office last year amid scandals over money, ethics and illegal parties during COVID lockdown.☁


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