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✄"It's going to be, probably, nonconsensual deepfake pornography or deepfakes of election candidates or state election workers in very specific contexts," he said.█103-682K✪In their speeches about rolling back legal protections for gun manufacturers, lawmakers looked often to Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter, Jessica Ghawi, was slain in the 2012 Aurora theater shooting. The parents tried to sue the companies that had sold the shooter ammunition and tear gas but were unsuccessful. Ultimately, the couple ended up owing more than $200,000 in defense attorney fees and had to file for bankruptcy.▤BZX84-B18,215◙Matt Nock, the Harvard researcher, recognizes the place of AI in crunching numbers. He uses machine learning technology similar to Pachipala's to analyze medical records. But he stresses that much more experimentation is needed to vet computational assessments.➨TPSB107K010R0400☺The ad was just the latest instance of AI blurring the line between real and make believe. In the past few weeks, fake images of former President Donald Trump scuffling with police went viral. So did an AI-generated picture of Pope Francis wearing a stylish puffy coat and a fake song using cloned voices of pop stars Drake and The Weeknd.✥

▄"The National Recording Registry preserves our history through recorded sound and reflects our nation's diverse culture," said Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden in a statement naming 25 recordings to be preserved for posterity this year.☜1812SC472KATME♦Mangold's film will chronicle the dawn of the Jedi. Filoni's will focus on the New Republic, closing out the interconnected stories told in The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Ahsoka and other Disney+ series.↹

▪Robbins said in another update that he was joking, and he alleged that he was receiving death threats and had the police called on him.☻


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2220J0500104JCT✿On Saturday, authorities identified the five victims of the shooting as:↹0603J0250823KXR↣At once a crime novel, a deep, unflinching look at racism, and a heart-wrenching story about a mother who has lost everything, this narrative delves into life in the projects at a time when the city of Boston struggled with the desegregation of its public school system — and a lot residents were showing their worst side.↩


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2225Y2K00560GCT❏As of May 11, officials must detain or release people who cross the border. In anticipation of that policy change, CBP detained more than 28,000 migrants last week — far above official capacity.×293D685X9025C2TE3あBut in a letter obtained by member station VPM, Virginia's commissioner of elections, Susan Beals, said a slew of concerns caused her to rethink the state's membership. She cited the recent exit of nearby states, "increasing concerns regarding stewardship, maintenance, privacy, and confidentiality of voter information" and "controversy surrounding the historical sharing of data with outside organizations leveraged for political purposes."◤


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M39003/01-8198/HSD❉Wright's mother, Katie Wright, said after the sentencing that Potter "murdered my son," adding: "Today the justice system murdered him all over again."♥BSC014N04LSIATMA1⊙"We have an opportunity to see what's the appropriate role of the federal government," LaBelle says. "It's not too late."✪


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