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◦However, what they didn't practice for was fighting off social media trolls and disinformation, Palmer said.▃

↢Even such a relatively small number of cases, say some specialists, shows that the goal of wiping out the disease may be elusive.◆


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C410C333M5U5TA7200☃The development came after a report by Russian investigative media outlet Agentstvo which said two participants who attended a April 29-30 meeting of Russian dissidents in Berlin experienced health problems.▶1210J0630183KFR▐"It got really, really violent," says Weisse. There was lots of screaming in the cabin. A flight attendant was hit by an ice bucket that became a projectile. So many people got sick from the sudden changes in altitude that flight attendants had to hand out more vomit bags, she says. Midway through the approximately 45-minute ordeal, one frightened passenger yelled out, "Please tell us this is normal!"¤

↺"It is essential not to remove or disturb any debris believed to be from the fire as these materials may contain asbestos, a substance that releases microscopic fibers when disturbed," the Environmental Protection Agency said in a fact sheet for local residents posted on Sunday.♙


▥"And I followed her and she did," Cadwallader Staub said. "The last thing I saw was her hand out the car window waving to me and pointing to the highway sign. I was waving to thank her with every ounce of my being as I zipped off onto the highway and headed towards home."➣KSE800STU☍Still, some experts see potential downsides.▪1812J4K00391KXR◆"I don't have to tell you that fearless progress towards justice often meets ferocious pushback from the oldest and most sinister of forces," Biden said. "That's because hate never goes away."✪C0805X103KMRECAUTO7210➷On the steps of the Supreme Court on Saturday at a rally organized by Planned Parenthood, doctors and patients voiced outrage at the decision and shared their experiences with abortion as counterprotesters continuously shouted "abortion is murder."☆

⇖Kilicdaroglu's campaign indicates he would try to smooth things over. If he wins, he says he would bring Turkey closer to the West politically, economically and culturally, and restart attempts to join the European Union that lost steam under Erdogan years ago. And he'd be expected to reassure world leaders concerned that Turkey is sliding from democracy to authoritarianism.۰SCRH74-470↓There were no reports of injuries. But hundreds of people living within a half-mile (0.80 kilometer) of the fire were told to leave. People outside that radius who live downwind of the fire were advised to keep windows closed and pets inside.☀

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