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▪"It does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that we hate them," she said. "Quite to the contrary: We love them."↚


➣"If the current fast-rising trend continues, it could surpass the number of cases recorded in 2021, the worst year for cholera in Africa in nearly a decade," the WHO said.☀GRM022R60J472JE19L▅Kayla Delcoure runs social media for Pippi's Place, a cat rescue in Atlanta. She came up with a creative social post inspired by the online used-car retailer to help find its felines new homes.✏M39003/09-3043H✌Wembanyama is heralded as a generational talent, and the French player's home in the U.S. almost certainly will be the San Antonio Spurs, which on Tuesday won the draft lottery to select first in June's draft. Afterward, Wembanyama said he wasn't surprised.↻1808Y0160223MDT﹌Without its proper context, she said, the story "runs the risk of just being like a lovely little love story. And that's not what it is. To pretend otherwise would do a disservice not just to [my grandparents], but also to the 120,000 other people who were incarcerated at the time."➥

◐Questions about the accuracy of provider directories persist. Dr. Neel Butala, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, found that fewer than 20% of more than 449,000 physician listings had consistent address and specialty area information across five large insurers' directories, according to a research letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on March 14.☆CDR01BP100BKUP-ZATAF♣"What we've created is a highly accurate photorealistic 3D model of the wreck," 3D capture specialist Gerhard Seiffert says. "Previously footage has only allowed you to see one small area of the wreck at a time. This model will allow people to zoom out and to look at the entire thing for the first time ... This is the Titanic as no one had ever seen it before."۰


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S1210-392HⓥFor the citizens of Sudan caught up in the violence, there is no option for a quick escape.█GCE188R72A472MA01D◇In an email, a United spokesperson praised the pilots on the March 21 flight "for their quick work in addressing this issue and working to ensure the safety of everyone on board."➞

✍One weekday during the spring of 2018, Reynolds sat next to her 77-year-old mother, Jonnie-Lewis Thorpe, in a courtroom in downtown New Haven, Conn. She listened in discomfort as strangers revealed intimate details of their finances in a room full of people, waiting their turn to come before the judge.◄


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0805Y0500823MER◐The Monitoring and Coordination Committee is to be made up of three representatives each from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia and three representatives from each party.☈PE-0402CD400JTG▨"I was like, I have access to money. I will be able to pay you back everything," Nguyen says. "But I guess I didn't have enough history."◘


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