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MR051A470KAATR1♖Taco Bell is also petitioning against Gregory Hotel, Inc., which holds a trademark for the phrase in New Jersey. Taco John's holds the trademark in all U.S. states except for New Jersey.⊟1N4148WFL-G3-08❄Allen, with a population of about 109,000 people, is located about 25 miles north of downtown Dallas.♀


☈Three more live-action Star Wars films are on the way, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy announced Friday.☢VJ0805D240MLPAP▷Like Nichols, all of the dismissed officers facing charges are Black.↽2220Y0630122KCT♨Except for a swollen leg, with large bite marks from an unidentified animal, Nanuq was in pretty good health.❣CGA3E3X7R1E474K080AB▬But she and her husband have struggled to find work here, and being so close to the fighting has its challenges for Sofiia. Natalia explains that before the invasion, her daughter was a leader in the kindergarten, social and calm. But the war has changed her. "Now she reacts to everything in a more emotional way," Natalia says. "She will demand something or be argumentative. Sometimes she will cry with no reason."√

✒As part of a plea deal, Kolfage and Badolato agreed not to challenge a sentence within the agreed-upon range: between four to five years for Kolfage and 3 1/2 to four years for Badolato.⇖2225J2000391JCT♦The motive for the attack was still under investigation.↧


☪Of the many highflying tales Maj. Shul told to audiences, none was more popular than the “L.A. Speed Check” story.웃SBLB25L20CT-E3/81✄"When asked to comment on Florida's plan, the EPA told NPR,♣AQ137M4R7CA7BE↕"So, if you're in an environment where the recovery is kind of front and center and people are watching and monitoring and supervising," she said, "I think that's helpful for a lot of kids."⇍T95Y686M004EZSL→Peña's presidential campaign was hampered by U.S. sanctions on Cartes for alleged bribery and ties to Hezbollah, which Washington designates as a terrorist group. The sanctions blocked Cartes from the U.S. financial system and cut off funding and loans for the party's campaign.▨

✃Hamlin first started Chasing M's Foundation in May 2020 when he was still a student playing with the University of Pittsburgh and applied last month for retroactive tax-exempt status, according to Denny. It was incorporated as a nonprofit in Pennsylvania.↺C0402T221K3RAL7867☪Meanwhile, industries such as construction and manufacturing that are particularly sensitive to interest rates also added jobs last month. Builders added 15,000 jobs in April while factories added 11,000.◆

▂"I shot him in the head and chest and she starts running," Burns recounted. "I said, 'It's alright, he can't hurt you now.'"♨


﹌Last year, the governor generated international headlines when he used state funds to fly about 50 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. He argued most were headed to Florida. But state law at the time specified that Florida could only relocate migrants found in the Sunshine State. The legislature passed a bill amending that requirement earlier this year.♂C1608JB1A226M080AC☼The island-state's imposition of the death penalty for drugs is in contrast with its neighbors. In Thailand, cannabis has essentially been legalized, and Malaysia has ended the mandatory death penalty for serious crimes.▅M39003/01-5092⇑Biden dedicated part of Saturday's speech to listing what his administration sees as chief achievements in advancing equality.▐C1210C273K1RAC7800♀And there are a few things officials want people to know before they set out to search.웃

➸Update: See complete coverage of the coronation ceremony here.♧GRM21A5C2E160FW01D◇"The notion of defaulting on our debt is something that would so badly undermine the U.S. and global economy that I think it should be regarded by everyone as unthinkable," she said, adding that she's "very hopeful that the differences can be bridged and the debt ceiling will be raised."⏎


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