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♙Biden, 80, nodded to recent media coverage about his age as he seeks another four-year term.»

↷Some prominent scientists who've spent their entire careers battling polio are now saying it's time to rethink the multi-billion dollar fight against the disease.↢


↳His release in March, a little more than 11 years ahead of schedule, followed a ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court in December that granted anyone convicted by a split-jury verdict the right to have their case reexamined.⊙1808YA250101GCTSPU✪NPR also played a part in Biden's speech. The president took a jab at Elon Musk's rocky Twitter acquisition, and then joked about Musk's criticism of some media organisations.☼C1210C569B8HACAUTO◦The men's NCAA basketball championship game is set: The San Diego State University Aztecs are up against the University of Connecticut Huskies for the national title.▌0603J0250273MXR◥Campbell's volunteer mission to Ukraine came to an end on April 7, when he was killed defending the embattled Ukrainian city of Bakhmut.◊

◤Disney CEO Bob Iger announced in February that the company would reduce 7,000 jobs either through not filling positions or layoffs.❤2256-20L❧People can even be fired for being seen as overweight because it isn't a protected category under the federal worker protection agency the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.⇡


↠Foster and Perry encountered each other at a street protest on July 25, 2020 — about two months into national protests over the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.➳1812J0250123KXR☀"It's not like it was 20 years ago when you bring your family and you hit maybe one or two famous beaches and you go see Pearl Harbor. And that's the extent of it," Quinlan said. "These days it's like, well, you know, 'I saw this post on Instagram and there's this beautiful rope swing, a coconut tree.'"♠GRM0225C1E5R7DDAEL┲Western powers launched a fresh broadside of sanctions against the generals on the anniversary but previous rounds have shown little sign of throwing the junta off course.░C0603C110K3HACAUTO❧All the evidence and her patient's story were sealed and locked away, just feet from a wall of thank-you cards from patients and sticky notes of encouragement between nurses.✁

✄Democratic Rep. Liz Conmy voted against the bill and said she had hoped Burgum would not sign it.▇0805J0100101GCT↵Ocean's show was long-anticipated — in part because the singer-songwriter was scheduled to headline at Coachella in 2020 when the music festival was postponed due to COVID.☇


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C0805C681K5GAC7800❧"We took a pause because of frustration — this White House will not acknowledge they are spending too much," McCarthy told Fox Business Friday evening.☼C1812X751G1HACAUTO☞The Lebanese military said it found another rocket launcher Friday after dismantling several the day before.♩


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