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1808Y0500103MXT✄Experts say the question of whether the donors can claim a tax deduction for what they gave to the GoFundMe after his injury may depend on decisions by the IRS. Philadelphia attorney Don Kramer, who edits the website Nonprofit Issues, said the IRS has the discretion to retroactively recognize Hamlin's nonprofit as tax exempt. That's despite the fact, Kramer said, the cut off for applying for retroactive status is usually 27 months after an organization is founded.♀0505J1000820KQT♕The ruling is a major victory for the Biden administration, which has used aggressive enforcement of antitrust laws to fight against mergers and other arrangements between large corporations.▉


☌Bang Si-hyuk, who chief produces the megahit group BTS, gave the assessment in a rare press conference last month. He said K-pop's business growth has slowed or even turned negative in some markets.⋄CC0402KRX7R6BB224♨Since TikTok is owned by ByteDance, the fear is that the Chinese Communist Party could request access to the 150 million TikTok accounts in America and potentially spy on U.S. citizens, or use the personal data to mount disinformation campaigns on the app.→CWR09KB156KM▣He says when the treaty was negotiated, rivers were seen as something to be utilized and river water that flowed into the ocean was seen as wasted. "That is against science," says Abbas, who notes that all the silt that was once carried through the river, enriching farm soils and allowing mangrove forests to grow on the coastlines, is now "creating problems."↼0805Y1000272KDR✦"I've grown up knowing how amazing she is," said Rep. Jayme Davis, a Democrat of Rolette, who is from the same Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa as Lajimodiere. "In my mind, there's nobody more deserving."➤

¤In a copy of the April 13 memo first obtained by The Texas Observer, the new dress code — handed down by Sid Miller, the state's agriculture commissioner — is required by all employees as a part of a "dress code and grooming policy."⊞SMZG3804B-E3/52➳The strike authorization is seen by both sides as a negotiating tactic.➦

⇡The United States has no official relations with Taiwan, a center for high-tech industry and one of the biggest global traders, but maintains extensive informal and commercial ties. Washington is required by federal law to ensure the island of 22 million people has the means to defend itself if China attacks.←


➙Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), chairman of the Subcommittee on the Interior, Environment and Related Agencies, described the jail conditions as "deplorable."▬1812Y5000151KFR☟An official told journalists that Bolsonaro will be deposed at federal police headquarters later on Wednesday.◦SSM3J15CT(TPL3)☄Sherry Noble, the church's administrative board chairperson, was raised in the church, baptized and married there. "It just has been so disheartening," she says, choking up. "I can't imagine never going there again."⊟MHV11C105MAT2A►Meal debt is one strong indicator. Most schools won't deny a student a meal even if they can't pay, but will track their debt and try to collect from families throughout the school year.☻

⇠Even before Roe v. Wade was overturned last June, almost 10% of patients seeking abortions traveled out of state. But since the Supreme Court's decision, providers in some so-called "sanctuary" states where abortion access is protected are seeing record high out-of-state demand.▩1206Y0104P70CCT♠It also enables prosecutors to charge a provider with a misdemeanor — up to 360 days in prison and $3,000 in fines — for giving gender-affirming medication, like puberty blockers, to a trans child.➵


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C315C132J3G5TA£Silos that can house intercontinental ballistic missiles are located in Montana — and jet fighters were scrambled to be in a position to shoot the balloon down.❦VJ0402A221FXQCW1BC↑Higher oil prices would help fill Russian President Vladimir Putin's coffers as his country wages war on Ukraine and force Americans and others to pay even more at the pump amid worldwide inflation.☢


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