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⇕On Monday, the White House welcomed new bunnies to town. The new bunny costumes are sponsored by the White House Historical Society.▤

❦The third patient was Wilt, who remained in critical condition.◙


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T491C475M025ZT7280Z001✐I focus on and have faith in the goodness around. And I think eventually, it will prevail. — Urvashi Sahni♀MA1206CG751J500█On a basic level, the new law makes it very difficult for Russians — mostly men but also women with specialized skills — to avoid being drafted or conscripted.▩


▶MTV's parent company, Paramount Global, announced Friday it plans to scale back the annual event to a pre-taped special.IRLZ44L☃It's a step in the right direction as far as Colebunders is concerned. While questions remain regarding the disease's origins "and it's good that researchers can continue," he said, it's still important for that research "to continue in the right way."☢GCM1885C1H5R8CA16J▬On Sunday morning, several deaths caused by wind and rain were reported in Myanmar. A rescue team from the country's eastern Shan state announced on its Facebook social media page that they had recovered the bodies of a couple who were buried when a landslide caused by heavy rain hit their house in Tachileik township. Local media reported that a man was crushed to death when a banyan tree fell on him in Pyin Oo Lwin township in the central Mandalay Region.⇠GRM032R60G104KE15D❦Acceptance of same-sex relations has only emerged within Indian society in the past couple of decades, as visibility of same-sex relationships has grown, internet access has spread and more Indians migrate for education and work, both abroad and within India itself. LGBTQ+ activists note a marked increase in safe spaces and queer events in major cities such as Mumbai and Delhi over the previous decade.▷

«Unique as he is in many ways, Trump is not the first president to gaze out the White House windows and wonder if one day he might wake up behind bars.↹VJ0603Y561MLBAJ32«"I immediately went to the zoo director and I said, 'We have offended a nation. This is something that has to stop immediately,'" Magill said.◇


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1206J0630240FQT▶Outlets craft stories for maximum social amplification with headlines and topics that can be easily juiced by algorithms. They're all chasing that singular reward that social media recommendation systems provide: clicks.▒1206J1K01P80CFRExperts say the missile, which uses solid fuel as opposed to liquid, is a major milestone for the nation's military and will greatly strengthen its already formidable nuclear arsenal.♂

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