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VJ0805D820KXBAP▄The next time Shiv gets on the phone with Matsson, it's at her desk, and opposite her, Tom sits with his feet up on her desk. This is a pose of complete relaxation and collaboration. His comfort with sitting this way tells you everything about where they are now. Their relationship was largely built on her ability to push him around, and now that he's proved that he can push back, it's like now they ... are in love again? Differently? Maybe better? At any rate, she talks to Matsson about whether there might be a way to disrupt Kendall's presentation of Living+, and that seems to be the impetus for his very very ugly tweet — which she doesn't think was a good idea at all. She immediately sneaks off to hop on the phone, and that's when Matsson deletes the tweet, for which the entire team incorrectly credits Kendall's great response.▥M39003/01-2976❂Martin: How did it go?◁


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RCH895NP-7R7M▶Shares of a slew of regional banks, including most prominently PacWest Bancorp and Western Alliance Bancorp, have fallen sharply in recent days, as Wall Street worries other lenders could be vulnerable to bank runs.☪FK28C0G1H392JN006♀Inflation remained stubbornly high last month after more than a year of rising interest rates.♢


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CDR32BP100BJUSAR●Biden told reporters as he was walking away from a press conference on Wednesday that he was willing to meet with McCarthy, but not on whether or not the debt limit is extended.✣2211YA250180FCTSPU☝Following an investigation by the Newport News Police Department, Deja Taylor has also been charged with a misdemeanor for recklessly leaving a loaded firearm around a child.↔


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CDR32BP750BKZSAT➙The U.S.-Italian team made the find in the ruins of ancient Lagash, northeast of the modern city of Nasiriyah, which was already known to have been one of the first urban centers of the Sumerian civilization of ancient Iraq.▒ELJ-SA390KF◊Still Carver says innovation can help keep stores in small towns.→


☼According to one of the bills Reeves signed into law Friday, Capitol Police will have "concurrent" jurisdiction with Jackson Police Department in the city. The expanded jurisdiction for the Capitol Police would begin July 1.の5821SMG/TR13TUNIS, Tunisia — The number of people killed in a gun attack on a synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba during an annual Jewish pilgrimage has risen to five, Tunisia's TAP news agency said Wednesday. The victims were two Jewish pilgrims and three Tunisian police guards.Ю2225WC682KAT1A\SB➧The sharp uptick in the number of younger Americans with no religious affiliation — a group known as the "nones" — is the major driver in a seismic shift in the religious landscape, says Ryan Burge, a political science professor at Eastern Illinois University and author of The Nones: Where They Came From, Who They Are, and Where They Are Going.◊1210Y0630271FFR☣The following is a partial list of when an AR-15-style weapon was used in a mass shooting:♭

↧"The Justice Department recognizes the profound importance of reducing deaths in custody," the statement said. "Complete and accurate data are essential for drawing meaningful conclusions about factors that may contribute to unnecessary or premature deaths, and promising practices and policies that can reduce the number of deaths."☭GA1206Y562KXEBR31G❀In the hours after the bombing, the staff of Boston Magazine scrambled to redo their next cover story, successfully predicting what would become the city's symbol of resiliency: Running shoes.◇

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