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♔Back then, tobacco companies agreed to pay states billions annually for as long as they continued selling cigarettes. But there were no restrictions on the money's use and much of it went to plugging state budget gaps, filling potholes, and even subsidizing tobacco farmers. Today, less than 3% of the annual payouts support anti-smoking programs.☆


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IMC1812EB3R9J▅After finding the book on her desk, she said, she asked her staff about who returned it, wanting to question the person about all the places the book had been. But they didn’t know who the man was.♚1808J2000273KDT◥The suspect responded that it was his property and later walked up to his neighbor's front door with a rifle, Capers told the Associated Press.▤


▇The revised amount is being backed by more than 60,000 parties that have filed lawsuits alleging harm from J&J talcum powder, according to the company.♥C328C333GAG5TA♡Palestinian attacks on Israelis have killed 19 people in that time — including on Friday two British-Israelis shot to death near a settlement in the Jordan Valley and an Italian tourist killed by a suspected car-ramming in Tel Aviv. All but one were civilians.↹FQP4N25↷In January, around 7,000 nurses in New York went on strike over a contract dispute with hospitals in the city. The nurses were looking for higher wages and better working conditions. This strike forced several hospitals to divert patients elsewhere.▕1808J1K26P80BCR①The Houston office of the South Korean Consulate told The Dallas Morning News that one of Kyu Song Cho and Cindy Cho's children was also killed in the shooting.◊

♠In the wake of the Dobbs decision, Murray says she hopes Republicans will join her — which would be essential in a closely-divided Congress for her legislation to advance.⇡CWR26HC106JBFC\PR⊙Sharif agrees.☍

①"It's difficult sometimes — when a company starts to see an effect on sales — to hold the line. And when that effect is more than they might anticipate, then they definitely start to question holding the line," she said.❣

あThe legislation also puts new restrictions on third-party voter registration groups, which have long played an important role in signing up Black and other minority voters. These organizations would need to register for each election cycle. They would also face up to $250,000 in fines — instead of a maximum of $50,000 — for a variety of new infractions.➡

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