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❁In Gaza, residents surveyed the latest damage caused to their surroundings, with gaping holes left in the apartments serving as what Israel said were hideouts for the six senior Islamic Jihad members killed during this round. Gaza's main cargo crossing with Israel reopened Sunday after warnings that keeping it closed would force Gaza's sole power plant to shut down, deepening a power crisis.☆VJ0603Y391KXBAP⇨Status: The first death penalty measure was signed into law and took effect immediately. The expansion to cover sexual batterers will go into effect Oct. 1.☾08051C102MAT2P™"The murder of Jordan Neely is a direct result of the sustained political, systemic abandonment and dehumanization of people experiencing homelessness and mental health complexities," the statement read. "Neely's blood is on their hands, and any semblance of justice here requires accountability and a reversal of Adams' austerity budget and Hochul to stop blocking progressive policy in Albany."◦RM3N700S4◣"I probably got 500 different business proposals from people who would like to buy the inventory. But again, that will not necessarily be the right thing to do, so a very difficult, sensitive situation," he said.☻

↿"I use music and piano to write songs and use it like therapy for me," he said.⇈MLK0603L9N1JT000▁On Wednesday, Hume, who is estimated to own somewhere between 13% to 15% of the world's white rhinos, launched an auction to sell off the 2,000-strong herd in an online sale that's starting at $10 million.↶


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0603YG154ZAT2A⇋“That was very rewarding,” he said. “I didn’t expect it to be worth much.”☂0805J0630472MXR□The competition changed course on Tuesday.↩


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GJM0335C2A7R8BB01WⓛThe U.S. Supreme Court is once again dipping its toes into a legal conflict between congressional investigators and the executive branch. Only this time, the former Trump administration and the current Biden administration are on the same side.☠2225Y2500223GCR◄Ovidio Guzmán had not been one of El Chapo's better-known sons until an aborted operation to capture him three years ago. That attempt similarly set off violence in Culiacan that ultimately led President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to order the military to let him go.♣


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BZT52B39 RHG▮"We were [on] the ninth floor. So once everyone heard the shooting happened on the 11th floor, you can imagine that some of the folks in the room got a little nervous, a little tense," he said.▼PUMH10,115➩Prosecutors say Vallow Daybell and Daybell benefited from the three deaths by funneling money toward themselves in the form of federal benefits and an insurance payout. Their goal, Blake said, was to create a new life, free from their relatives.☻

✤The New Zealand Department of Conservation’s Kiwi Best Practice Manual stipulates that “kiwi must not be regularly taken out of their burrows just for the purposes of allowing people to see and touch them.”➢


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