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↕The IPC spokesperson said the Paralympics TikTok provides a valuable way to connect with younger audiences "about the power of Para sport as a tool for driving social inclusion."▬1825J6300272KCR▋Take, for example, her two-page vignette called "I Like to Get High at Night and Think About Whales." The title is practically as long as the essay itself. There's a meta-observation about relative size somewhere in that fact but, mostly, the piece is about exactly what it claims to be: Irby sucking down pot gummies and watching whale videos, or as she puts it, "whales doing whale shit." What starts as a standard stoner musing soon morphs into a pensive trip in which Irby yearns for peace and calm — and it somehow blindsides you with its abrupt shift from silly to profound. Elsewhere, the essays titled "Chub Street Diet" and "David [sic] Matthews's Greatest Romantic Hits" draw on her fixation with ostensibly uncool music — corny 1970s yacht rock and corny 1990s singer-songwriters — by structuring narratives around Spotify playlists. Naturally, her running musical commentary says more about her.✯1111Y1500680FQT↜“Anyone who knew and sat there and listened to him reload, they should all lose their jobs,” said Brett Cross, the uncle and guardian of 10-year-old Uziyah Garcia, whom he called his son. “Anybody who made an order that they shouldn’t go in should face possible jail time.”⇎C1210X221M3HAC7800↺Two of the defendants on trial for the January 6th riot tried to claim video showing them at the Capitol could have been created or manipulated by artificial intelligence. Lawyers for one cited a 2017 deepfake of former President Barack Obama, created by researchers, as reason for the court to doubt footage of the riot that had been taken from YouTube.█

◫Twitter says accounts that pay for the blue check will have to meet certain eligibility requirements, such as having a name and a profile image that weren't recently changed, and be older than 30 days.☪C1206C561F5HACAUTO◇Law enforcement officials have not identified the suspect, said what weapon or weapons were used or disclosed any motive for the shooting.✐

✂The trip's purpose was to raise money to build a technical college in South Africa, according to the 1891 program notes. The trip enchanted at least some audiences, but the choir also encountered the racism and paternalism of Victorian Britain.▬

⇛Garcia was carrying three weapons with him and had five more in his car — all legally obtained, according to Hank Sibley, regional director with the Texas Department of Public Safety.


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KSD5018➛The new legislation attaches a possible 12-month jail term to "interfering" with key infrastructure and a six-month sentence for "locking on" — a tactic commonly used by protesters where they attach themselves to other people or objects. It also grants police powers to stop and search anyone they believe could be setting out to cause "serious disruption."♬4232R-123G①While the Biden administration is turning up the heat on the airlines to fulfill their obligations to passengers, the airlines are growing frustrated with the federal government's own aviation shortcomings.«


⇆Scott is in custody with a bail hearing scheduled for Tuesday. Her trial is set to begin on May 30.☟M39003/03-0217☈And there is a lot at stake for President Biden himself. He has to figure out how to navigate asylum law and avoid a humanitarian crisis, all while gearing up for a reelection bid in which he's facing political pressure from the left flank of his own party and Republican critics on the other side.▧0805J0500331FFT⇃Gibb heard Vallow Daybell call Tylee a zombie — after Tylee had refused to babysit JJ — to which Tylee replied, "Not me, mom," according to the affidavit. Gibb said Vallow Daybell later concluded that JJ had also become a zombie.➟GA1206H122JBABR31G➴Brand was arrested at his home in neighboring Pass Christian and taken to jail, Schwartz said. Bay St. Louis Municipal Court Judge Stephen Maggio denied Brand bail. It's unclear if Brand has a lawyer to speak for him.◐

⊿More than 2,700 firefighters and 300 vehicles were dispatched to fight the blaze that started on a mountain in a central part of Gangneung at around 8 a.m., officials said.➙C326C279D3G5TA↑With so much of the state awash in water, the focus in California is on increasing groundwater supply — stashing more into the bank account — by flooding farmland."↩


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