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♣"It makes sense from a personal safety standpoint that officers want to keep themselves safe too," Ahranjani said.✑C3225X5R2A155K200AB⇩Barlocco Island was listed for sale on Thursday, and while sizable at 25 acres, it is only reachable "by boat or at low tide on foot or by tractor or quad bike," according to real estate firm Galbraith, who have linked the tide timetables to the listing so that potential owners can plan a viewing.➢C1206C154J2RECAUTO7210♦The U.K. watchdog's concerns centered on how the deal would affect competition in cloud gaming, which involves streaming games to tablets, phones and other devices. That frees players from the need to buy expensive consoles and gaming computers.▤C901U471KYYDCAWL20▬There have been signals that there are general areas where both parties would compromise on a potential deal — including $60 billion in unspent COVID-19 relief money and permitting reform — which would make both oil and gas projects as well as green energy projects happen more expeditiously.◩

◐For hundreds of Oregon inmates, the decision means prosecutors must now decide whether to pursue a new trial, cut a plea deal or dismiss charges altogether. In Gillespie's case, he accepted a plea in which prosecutors dropped all but two of the charges, including the attempted aggravated murder charge. Rather than remain in prison until 2034, he was sent home on three years' parole.↣JANTX2N3250A⇓But a make-birth-free policy seems unlikely to advance very far or very quickly in a year when the same Republican lawmakers who support a national abortion ban are even more vehemently pushing for large federal budget cuts in the debt ceiling fight.➟


♪After The Smiths disbanded, Rourke worked on a range of projects, including stints playing with Marr and Morrissey during their solo careers. He also played with other artists, from Sinéad O'Connor and Badly Drawn Boy to New Order bassist Peter Hook.↠MPI4015V2-3R3-R→Flamini was 48 years old when she went down, and 50 when she officially completed the challenge on Friday.▣VJ1210Y124KBCAT4X⇒Without a national effort to reduce the feral cat population, regional councils can only introduce piecemeal local measures and the Conservation Department can act only on public conservation land, according to charitable trust Predator Free New Zealand.♛105R-271K○Brunson won back-to-back World Series of Poker championships in 1976 and 1977 and took home a total of 10 bracelets throughout his career for winning individual events at the tournament.↠

→The proposed Title IX changes will be published to the Federal Register in the next few weeks, after which it will open for 30 days of public comment. Those are just the first steps in a long process to alter the law. Assuming the proposal survives that process, schools and students will not see the rule changed or enacted for months if not years.ºGCG21BR71E564MA01L☏When asked whether he believes the shooting was racially motivated, Thompson said nothing of that nature is clear in the probable cause documents. He said Yarl and Lester didn't appear to have any interaction before the shooting.○


ぃ"We've had emergency crews digging people out of their basements because the house is collapsed on top of them, but luckily they had that safe space to go to," Sheriff Bill Rutan said at a news conference.▼3STF1640♦The Michaelis dictionary, one of Brazil's most popular, added "Pelé" to its online edition Wednesday, defining it as an adjective that can be used to describe "someone who is out of the ordinary, who or who by virtue of their quality, value or superiority cannot be equaled to anything or anyone."☜2225J5000822JXR↱German government spokesperson Christiane Hoffmann said Wednesday that Germany took note of reports about Navalny's worsening health "with great concern." She added that Berlin wants "the inhuman treatment that he is apparently suffering in prison to be lifted," and wants Russian authorities to ensure he gets access to medical treatment and is released.⇤RD16F-T6-AZThe reaction to the video is just the latest in a string of public leaks of comments by company leaders that show them at odds with the attitudes of their staff during periods of economic hardship.⇢

✃In his new book Traffic: Genius, Rivalry, and Delusion in the Billion-Dollar Race to Go Viral, Ben Smith, former editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed News, lands on his promise to chronicle the rise of digital media through the story of a snowballing, head-to-head competition — between characters like Peretti and Nick Denton of Gawker Media, between the right and the left and, eventually, between the new found power of social networks and the institutions they helped create — in an attempt to answer the question: How did we get here?☪C335C183JAG5TA7301▏Unlike Damon Tweedy's Black Man in a White Coat, a 2015 memoir that dispassionately recounts a Black physician's complex responses to racial and class bias through the linear trajectory of his medical training, I Can't Save You, with its deliberately messy assemblage of shifting narrative perspectives, poetry, anecdotes, and hallucinatory performance, represents the structural equivalent of a mixtape or shadow box where the author's phobias, formative memories, and Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man intersect.♠


⇥Europe strengthened its banking safeguards after the global financial crisis that followed the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers in 2008 by transferring supervision of the biggest banks to the central bank, analysts said.⇝PM42S-121™CIA's work on the Iraq War included analysis and operation both before and after the invasion.  We're going to walk through it all.√100R-472G™Biden also struck serious notes, emphasising the importance of a free press. He said of Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal journalist detained in Russia on espionage charges, that he was "working every day to secure his release."✑C1206C621F8HAC7800↟Then came the war. With Russia just 18 miles away, Russian soldiers bombed and shot at the neighborhood as they tried to occupy it, destroying most buildings.↳

◈Sudan experienced a "near-total collapse" of internet and phone service Sunday, according to the monitoring service NetBlocks.۰IMC0805ER2R7J01➸Anthony said his greatest legacy will be his 16-year-old son, Kiyan, who is a top high school basketball player.▀

▋Hours earlier, former president Donald Trump urged Republican legislators to trigger the first-ever U.S. debt default by refusing to lift the limit if Democrats don't agree to spending cuts.⇀

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