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▱In a series of emails sent to this reporter, Musk said he would transfer the network's main account on Twitter, under the @NPR handle, to another organization or person. The idea shocked even longtime observers of Musk's spur-of-the-moment and erratic leadership style.⇆TMK021CG1R9BK-W↘And this kind of technology could play a crucial role in learning more about deep-sea environments in general, from undersea resources to geological features to unknown species.⇗1812Y2K00562KXT✯But to everyone's shock, police found nothing.☼VJ2225Y104JBGAT4X↸"Mike Pence is the conservative leader our nation needs at this critical time," Hensarling said in a statement. "Mike can win, he is ready to lead, and I am proud to help lead the effort that will send him to the White House."▥

♕But many Parisians complain that e-scooters are an eyesore and a traffic menace, and the micro-vehicles have been involved in hundreds of accidents.2220Y1K00820GFT⇑Stephenson wants to use the model to document the extent of Titanic exploration up to this point, from Ballard to James Cameron and beyond. He says a "massive project" is underway, and will hopefully result in a scientific paper and online archive. Then, he plans to use the tool to answer whatever questions remain.◦

↖South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that it detected three short-range ballistic missiles launched from North Korea into the East Sea at about 8 a.m. local time Saturday.▨


☀Max Blain, spokesman for U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, paid tribute to Soldin's work in Ukraine.▉1812YA250331MXTPY2➘Not all of them survived. But some of them did.◄CDR01BX332BKWPAB﹌"I wanted to have a space where the stories of Black girls and Black women were being shared in this kind of culture of infotainment when it comes to true crime," Rivers said in an interview with NPR last year.¤IRFZ46ZSPBF✤Tuesday's ruling means Gershkovich will remain in pretrial detention in Moscow's Lefortovo prison until at least Aug. 30.웃

❀Exposure to the virus is expected to rise during the condors' northward spring migration.☊C336C242JAG5TA◑A dash cam video posted on social media appears to show a shooter exiting a vehicle on the driver's side before opening fire in front of the outlet mall.◘


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1N4733A-T50A▪The City of Memphis declined to comment to NPR on the lawsuit when asked last month.➵VJ0603D820JEBAT▀In the end, the hospital did not pay the ransom. Leaders decided to disconnect after the attack, assess, and then rebuild, which meant taking several critical systems offline. That upended normal operations in various departments.☣

♣Venice's very existence inspires wonder, and during Carnival, this city of canals provides a fanciful backdrop for the festivities leading up to Lent. Costumes, and notably masks, have added to the mystery of these celebrations for centuries, upstaging everyday uniforms, and overshadowing those pandemic face coverings that have become all-too-familiar.☝

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