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➷"He believed that people were easily corrupted and that it was the role of government and moral crusaders to protect them from harmful and corrupting influences," Frank says. "So in order to stamp out vice, he believed there should be an entire legal apparatus in order to impose his particular set of religious morals."➸


↩Transgender activists in Pakistan said they plan to appeal to the highest court in the land an Islamic court's ruling that guts a law aimed at protecting their rights.❧1210Y2000222JAR☾The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory extending from Saturday through Monday for much of the western parts of both Oregon and Washington state. It said the temperatures could raise the risk of heat-related illness, particularly for those who are dehydrated or don't have effective cooling.➮1808J5000270KDR♡Meanwhile, Customs and Border Protection staffing shortages in many airports has led to hourslong waits for international travelers returning to the U.S. to get through customs.☭C911U150JUNDAA7317↮Three others, who were injured, were taken to a hospital. Two additional people, who were inside the residence, were evaluated on scene and have since been released, the sheriff's office said in a statement.☁

✲Still, Bavaria's conservative governor, Markus Soeder, who backed the original deadline set in 2011 when Chancellor Angela Merkel was Germany's leader, this week called the shutdown "an absolute mistaken decision."▪0805J1000680FAR↡The report added that the journalist went to the Charite Hospital in Berlin -- where Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was treated after being poisoned in August 2020.۰


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JANTXV1N5539B-1▒"RIP Len Goodman," he added. "It's a 10 from us all."➹MA1210CG682J500♂The General Prosecutor's Office says it is investigating the cases as potential war crimes, alleging Russian forces intentionally targeted civilian areas.✣


◐Blue was born in Mansfield, Louisiana, on July 28, 1949 to Vida Blue Sr. and Sallie Blue. He was the oldest of six.☁M39014/22-0538﹌The Michigan State Police said an 8-year-old girl in Alpena Township in Northern Michigan was hunting for mushrooms in her yard earlier this month when a 17-year-old boy appeared from the woods nearby. The boy covered the girl's mouth and attempted to kidnap her.♀VJ1210Y222KXGAT5Z♦"These independent, small town stores don't have as much buying power as some of the larger chains that you'll find in urban areas," Carver says.▄IRLR4343TRL◐In 1991, on the same day Nebraska passed a law mandating parental notification for minors seeking an abortion, Carhart's farm burned down. The fire killed 17 horses, a cat and a dog, Newsweek reported, and the local fire department did not determine the cause of the fire. The next day, his clinic received a letter arguing for the murder of abortion providers, the magazine said.▎

▔Orlov received immediate care on the front lines and at two different hospitals in Ukraine that he credits with saving his life. But it quickly became clear that he would require extensive surgical and reconstructive work, plus skin grafts, to eventually regain full use of his limbs. That's when Wasserson stepped in.❈2SC536NG-NPA-ATの"It's been very vaccine-oriented – there's a lot of focus on vaccines and some focus on therapeutics," says Bausch. "And of course I don't disagree with that," he adds. "We need vaccines and therapeutics." But, he says, "Diagnostics are often the ignored component of this. It's an area that people just haven't been focused on too much."☆

♟That happened in 1974 and the president was Republican Richard Nixon, the centerpiece figure in the scandal known as Watergate. Nixon was also the one president who felt it necessary to tell a televised news conference: "I am not a crook."▏


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