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⇌The House GOP bill raises the nation's borrowing authority by $1.5 trillion, or through March 2024 — whichever comes first. It rolls back spending levels for most federal programs to those in place two years ago. The measure limits the growth of federal spending to 1% annually.♦

☜The Indonesian soccer federation could be further disciplined by FIFA. A suspension could remove Indonesia from Asian qualifying for the 2026 World Cup. The continental qualifiers start in October.↠


▧LOUISVILLE, Ky. — After seven deaths raised questions about the future of horse racing, Mage earned a surprising Kentucky Derby victory on Saturday, capping a nerve-rattling day that included two more fatalities ahead of the 149th edition of the world's most famous race.❦1812CC473KATBE⇙The burning debris was too hot for dogs in the firefighters' canine team to work until Sunday afternoon, and smoke still bothered them, Laurens said.↱LQP02HQ2N9B02E✌In addition, Trump in 2016 also added four of the five states that had joined the Union in the 20th century, plus four more "Blue Wall" states along the Great Lakes that had voted for Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012.⇀C0603X209C8HAC7867큐The CDC is tracking an especially nasty kind of strep, called invasive group A strep.↨

♥In this survey, before his official announcement, just 41% said they approve of the job he's doing, 50% disapprove. That's similar to where it's been since the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2021.☂CWR15DK336KBAZ♚Germán Chávez is no stranger to the Amazon rain forest, where he says "one can't help but get excited" by all the reptiles and amphibians that he has made a career out of studying. But when he came across one frog, all he could think was "Bloody hell!"⊕

↳Ukraine's supporters pledged billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine during a meeting at Ramstein Air Base in Germany on Friday. International defense leaders discussed Ukraine's urgent request for the Leopard 2 tanks, and the failure to work out an agreement overshadowed the new commitments.◥

❤What about the consequences?  What were the consequences for the United States, for Iraq for the region, and for the CIA. Let's turn to that discussion.⊙


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