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CDLL5236B【She says the law goes hand-in-hand with a push to get Native American history included in school curricula. Lekanoff calls it a "win-win" for both the schools and the tribes, "because to know the history of the people whose lands you live upon would just strengthen the relationship and the understanding and the respect of the first Washingtonians."◇SLA6020【Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Thursday national security comes first even if it has an impact on the economic relationship with China, and "targeted actions" that Washington takes to protect its interests are not meant to give the United States a competitive economic advantage over China.♣


★The Walt Disney Company reported a 13% increase in quarterly earnings on Wednesday — to $21.8 billion.▩C324C822G3G5TA♣A brochure for Barlocco Island says any "planning opportunities should be investigated by the buyer directly with the local planning authority."☼4494-185➥A McCurtain County Commission meeting on Monday morning was attended by dozens of protesters, including Idabel Mayor Craig Young, KOSU reported. Idabel, which is located nearly 200 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, is the seat of McCurtain County.➴1025R-32H⊙"There are people who are tremendously intellectually talented and gifted in so many ways who are using those talents to fight for your rights, to fight for my rights," said Serano.☭

⇝"Coloradoans deserve to be safe in our communities, in our schools, in our grocery stores, in our nightclubs," Polis said as he signed the measures in his office. The governor was flanked by activists wearing red shirts reading, "Moms Demand Action," students from a Denver high school recently affected by a shooting, and parents of a woman killed in the Aurora theater shooting in 2012.➲C315C910FAG5TA7301✦The current shortage is limited to pediatric versions of amoxicillin, which are liquid products that are easier for kids to take than pills.❀


↭Some mug shots have leaked in the past, despite New York's law discouraging their release, the Associated Press reports.▫JAN2N5416S↘A couple dozen activists, including one wearing a mask of the head of the Swiss central bank, took parting shots at Credit Suisse: Some held signs decrying the bank's ties to Mozambique, where the lender was found to have violated anti-money-laundering rules that led to nearly $700 million in settlements to British and U.S. authorities.⊟GRM3166P1H390JZ01DⓔThat testimony turned out to be pretty important, since injecting foreign money into the campaign system was a key part of the case against Michel.➬105-332KS➲"We would need to establish a special court," Rapp told CBS News. "The establishment of international tribunal that would include judges around the world that could prosecute him and others. And it could include the Belarusian leaders because they've allowed their territory to be used in this invasion."£

♤While filibustering, Sen. Senn said the issue was about control.♤MA0603XR223K100▩Supporters of the legislation have contended the banned care is irreversible or carries side effects. They argue that only an adult — and not a minor's parent — can consent to the treatments.♜

✃On July 3, 1891, The Standard newspaper described a "unique performance, and the audience followed the various items in the programme, some of which were sung in the native tongue, and others in almost faultless English, with warm tokens of interest and approval."↴

◑"For the team, cooking safely means standing by your pan ... but thanks to the model we also found out that for someone who uses a wheelchair that may also mean covering your legs," Galbo added, calling it a powerful example of why it was so important to work with models who live with a disability themselves.➪


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