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☾"He was your proud, hardworking immigrant Italian father and grandfather," he said.✌CDR32BP330BKUR\M500○The fighting is incredibly close.▨VJ1206Y123KXXAC"Our two leaders have decided to significantly strengthen extended deterrence of our two countries against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats so that we can achieve peace through the superiority of overwhelming forces, and not a false peace based on the goodwill of the other side," he said, through an interpreter.▤ER1537-78JM⇊Experts say the missile, which uses solid fuel as opposed to liquid, is a major milestone for the nation's military and will greatly strengthen its already formidable nuclear arsenal.☺

➩According to the National Association of Broadcasters and Nielsen data, more than 80 million people in the U.S. listen to AM radio every month.☄SRR1206-561KL↴Horse trainer Saffie Joseph, Jr. has been suspended indefinitely from the Kentucky Derby and other Churchill Downs races, after two of the horses in his care mysteriously died, the organization said Thursday.♠


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GQM22M5C2H2R4BB01L★Some might reject the warnings of economists and investors about the importance of the U.S. credit rating or the effect default would have on global economics.❐BSS138BKW-B115▐Chinese-born Canadian Tse Chi Lop, 59, is suspected of being the leader of an Asian mega-cartel known as Sam Gor, a major global producer and supplier of methamphetamines. Australian police estimate it's responsible for up to 70% of the drugs coming into Australia alone, the BBC reported.↘


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GRM1556T1H5R2DD01D⊕"Here's a dirty little secret," he said. "Up until ten years ago, it was considered oh so gauche to ask inconvenient questions of provenance – it just wasn't done. The world of cocktail parties and bespoke suits and limousines pulling up to the curb? How could I ask someone of that stature: Do you have the invoice, or do you have any proof that it was legally removed from the country of origin?  And so, that was then. I got it.▥4922-12J■"We are also calling on our federal, state and local partners to move quickly on regulations that will help ensure tragedies like today's fire are prevented," she said in a statement. "We are heartbroken for the family of these victims."↧

✌Comedian is the centerpiece of a large exhibition of Cattelan's art at the Leeum that's going on through July. The banana art is even emblazoned on a special coffee cup to herald the 38 works.♣


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CWR11HC155KD↷In 2020, a Pew Research Center study reported that 37% of respondents in India said that "homosexuality should be accepted by society," up from 15% in 2014.♨1110-1R5M-RC➟"Today, I'm hurt," Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said, "and I'm hurting. And I know so many people out there are as well."⚘


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