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▊The NAACP, long an advocate for Black Americans, joined the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a Latino civil rights organization, and Equality Florida, a gay rights advocacy group, in issuing travel advisories for the Sunshine State, where tourism is one of the state's largest job sectors.⊙


⇊At another point, as Sacks attempted to speak, an echo reverberated his words back to him. "It just keeps crashing, huh?" an unidentified speaker was heard saying, as Musk and his team scrambled to fix the problem.▤BZT52-C3V3JThe school said its "expectations regarding appropriate prom attire were communicated to this student and the student's family in advance of the prom. While we certainly respect a student's right to disagree, all of our students know from our school handbook that when they do not follow such expectations at school-sponsored events, they may be asked to leave."↦BTA201-800B,112Instead it looks like fewer families are qualifying for those free and reduced priced meals.▦ELJ-PC2R2MF3▬They describe a dire situation in the city, with no electricity, water or medicine, as they cower amid the brutal urban warfare going on in their residential neighborhoods.↕

¤"I'll spend everything I have to save the country I love," Lindell said.⇘C317C752G3G5TA7301◀The NFL said that a "league review uncovered no evidence indicating any inside information was used or that any game was compromised in any way."❣

❖Myers, of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, put it this way: "States will only listen to the federal government if there's a financial reason to do so."∷


▇However, those married couples could only adopt children related to one of the partners. Lawmakers with the island's Democratic Progressive Party said this was a dangerous setup — especially if one parent died and the other could not get legal rights to the children. They said it could even disincentivize same-sex couples from marrying if one person already had children.のC0805C333K1RECAUTO7210➼Two hydroelectric plants in particular worry Pakistan: one being built on the Chenab, a river that forms in India and flows into Pakistan, and another built on a river known in Pakistan as the Jhelum. That plant diverts water out of the Jhelum, and Pakistani officials say it has diminished the power of their own hydroelectric plant built on the Pakistani side of the river.↪1825Y1K00222JXR✄"It's like any other business. People ultimately make the difference, and if you know how to network properly you can get almost anything done in the world," Wasserson said. "You need a lot of common sense.  If you don't have the ability to understand what buttons to push to make things happen, you're going to go in circles."▦TIP122L-BP♪He spent several months in military hospitals enduring treatment more painful than the flames. Even eating was unbearable.☁

☠A U.S. official told NPR American ships are just off Port Sudan, but not in the port itself. The official said there are no State Department or U.S. military personnel at the Port.❦GRM1555C1E6R3DA01D┱The law is just one of several related to anti-LGBTQ+ topics that were introduced by Florida's Republican-controlled legislature this session.☺


⏎In his address, Putin drew parallels between the Soviet victory in 1945 and Russian forces battling what he called a "cult of Nazism" today in Ukraine.☍0805J0500391GCT◀The U.K. watchdog's concerns centered on how the deal would affect competition in cloud gaming, which involves streaming games to tablets, phones and other devices. That frees players from the need to buy expensive consoles and gaming computers.ღIMC1210BN5R6J⇊Police declared Singh, a 30-year-old preacher, a fugitive and accused him and his aides of creating discord in the state. Police accused him and his associates of spreading disharmony among people, attempted murder, attacking police personnel and obstructing public servants' lawful discharge of duty.➲GCJ31MR71E225MA12K⇃Shell took on the NBCU CEO position in January 2020, succeeding Steve Burke just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic devastated large swathes of the company's revenues, across news programming, entertainment networks, movies, and theme parks.⇕

➙The rebels quickly sealed off a school where the event was being held and barred people, including journalists, from approaching.↗VJ0402D6R8CLBAP↯Country superstar and five-time Grammy winner Shania Twain was given the Equal Play Award, recognizing her for being a "visible and vocal advocate" for diverse voices in country music. Texas native and Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion introduced Twain and the pair danced and hugged to Twain's hit, "Man, I Feel Like a Woman."☃


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