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↓His family, who announced the news via social media, said he died on Friday but did not give a cause of death.↖C320C112F3G5TA7301⇘“Giving the industry more time to adapt is a good thing,” said Rich Stern, chief executive of TuneIn, an audio streaming service that connects digital listeners with radio stations around the world. “But this is not the solution to the existential challenges facing terrestrial radio distribution in the U.S. We’ve all received the wake-up call. Digital investment and transformation needs to be a top priority for the industry going forward.”▣VJ1825A272JBAAT4X⇅This article was supported by The Water Desk, an independent journalism initiative based at the University of Colorado-Boulder's Center for Environmental Journalism.♚CDR32BP121BKZSAT♣Producer: Olivia Gazis★

☼In February, Hyundai and Kia announced along with federal regulators that they would begin offering a free software upgrade for millions of vehicles without immobilizers over the following months. Hyundai said on Sunday that its software upgrade for affected vehicles is currently available at all Hyundai dealerships.░C1206X271J1HAC7800✈Davis further stated Dominion would have an opportunity to effectively pick apart a Fox host's statements if they asserted under oath that election lies were newsworthy. In a response that neared a roleplay, Davis suggested various questions that Dominion attorneys could ask during a cross-examination, including why Fox hosts who believed election lies to be newsworthy didn't also air interviews with then-President elect Joe Biden.⇉


◐TOKYO (AP) — Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Tuesday he is arranging a trip to South Korea for talks with President Yoon Suk Yeol in return for his March visit to Tokyo, aiming to further strengthen their ties before the upcoming Group of Seven summit.◆CKC33C123MCGACAUTO◊Orlov received immediate care on the front lines and at two different hospitals in Ukraine that he credits with saving his life. But it quickly became clear that he would require extensive surgical and reconstructive work, plus skin grafts, to eventually regain full use of his limbs. That's when Wasserson stepped in.➫MBRF16H45HE3/45▣Don Mulligan was on the 17th floor of a nearby hotel when he heard a roar like a jet flying overhead and felt the high-rise sway.◎IRKT71/10A•She added that Wilt "did not hesitate." He ran head-first towards the shooter as the man turned his weapon, an assault rifle, in his direction. The suspect, a 25-year-old bank employee who livestreamed the violence, was killed by Galloway.♨

★"We had to add an extra meeting because we realized that it's not just nurses that need support, it's actually the entire health care team," says Paredes.▫1206Y1000122KCR•They were also told their health insurance would last only through the month.➳


卍Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., who voted against the bill told reporters earlier he was planning to vote no and the only thing that would move him would be "true debt reduction, not rate of growth."▬S0603-47NJ3S□The more powerful Hamas has praised Islamic Jihad's strikes but remained on the sidelines during the latest round of fighting, limiting the scope of the conflict. As the de facto government held responsible for the abysmal conditions in the blockaded Gaza Strip, Hamas has recently tried to keep a lid on its conflict with Israel. Islamic Jihad, on the other hand, a more ideological and unruly militant group wedded to violence, has taken the lead in the past few rounds of fighting with Israel.➭MHQ0402PSA4N2BT000↾The strikes come one day after a similar attack on a historic apartment building in the southern city of Mykolaiv, which left one person dead. All three attacks used high-precision cruise missiles, according to Ukrainian officials.▇SCRH1035R-150♭Khan, 70, was ousted as prime minister after a no-confidence vote in Parliament last April.ˍ

█"I expect hush-money to be regularly sent for every folly or vice any one commits in this whole town," Steele wrote in a 1709 article about London.▶C1210C360F3HACAUTO☃The instructor deals with his own disability. His sight is deteriorating, and full blindness is imminent. He faces a life lived in darkness, alone. "It's a common belief that blind or partially sighted people will pick up on sounds first and foremost, but that isn't the case with me," he narrates. "The first thing I perceive is time. I sense it as a slow, cruel current of enormous mass passing constantly through my body to gradually overcome me."★


█As its name implies, clear-air turbulence occurs in the absence of clouds or bad weather. It's caused by wind shear — sudden changes in wind speed and direction — at altitudes above 15,000 feet.▮1210Y0630151JAR⇊Hours after JPMorgan Chase took over First Republic Bank, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of the largest lender in the U.S., called an end to the bank turmoil that had enveloped the country's smaller lenders since March.♝GCM1555C1H2R8CA16D↡The 6-year-old bested six other finalists, including Rummie the Pekingese, Winston the French bulldog, Ribbon the Australian shepherd, Cider the English setter, Monty the giant schnauzer and Trouble the American Staffordshire terrier.✐9220-18◄It comes five months after a federal judge sentenced Holmes to 11 years behind bars for misleading investors about her blood-testing startup, which landed her on the cover of national magazines and made her a darling of Silicon Valley.▭

☁Kitchens teaches students how to navigate recovery and regulate their emotions. She likens herself to a hall monitor, constantly checking in with students and looking for changes in behavior.§2220Y2000153JXT↿But making a portrait of a black hole with an array of telescopes, Medeiros explains, is very different from snapping a photo with an everyday camera. "We don't really take a picture in the sense that, you know, there's just one camera that just goes click," she says.〓


⇪Self-identified Native Americans made up just 1.1% of the U.S. population in the 2020 census. A study that year by researchers at the University of Michigan surveyed Native Americans "who frequently engage in tribal or cultural practices." Of those polled, 70% said that sports fans wearing chief headdresses was offensive, while 73% said the same of sports fans imitating Native American dances.♡CCR05CG391GR◩Throughout the fighting, Israel's repeated airstrikes targeting Islamic Jihad and its command centers and rocket-launching sites showed no signs of stopping the rocket fire, prompting Islamic Jihad to declare victory and sending cheering Palestinians out into the streets late Saturday.▄D222K25Y5PF63L5R♢Now inside the uterus, a week or so after ovulation, the blastocyst has about four days to implant in the soft-tissue lining of the uterus.✌KBPC3501I▥"I have endeavored to follow that counsel throughout my tenure, and have always sought to comply with the disclosure guidelines," he said in his statement.░

⇀Potter is heard on video yelling "Taser" several times just before she fires her pistol as Wright tried to drive away from the traffic stop.£18123C823KAT2A✿Among the plaintiffs are several doctors who said they had been "forced to participate" in abortion, against their conscience, when patients sought emergency care after taking mifepristone. "They allege that they feel complicit in an elective abortion by being forced to complete that procedure," said Erin Hawley, a lawyer bringing the suit against mifepristone.⇌


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