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TBJD336K016CBSB0824♦Two female jurors in the front row exchanged animated glances when DiCaprio took the witness stand. They and other members of the jury paid close attention to his testimony, which lasted less than 90 minutes.☠0805Y0630181KAT↠He insisted that he stole nothing from "Let's Get it On" when he wrote his tune.◫


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C328C183J3G5TA▥Biden said he and first lady Jill Biden were praying for the victims and their families and thanked first responders.↳1812J2000333JXR〓That reflects the violence surrounding the creation of India and Pakistan. "The treaty was in some ways, the unfinished business of partition," Alam says, referring to when the British divided their former colony into two countries: India and Pakistan. The partition triggered murderous sectarian violence. Millions of Muslims fled to Pakistan; Millions of Hindus and Sikhs fled to India. The brutality of partition led water negotiators to the conclusion that the two countries would not be able to share water, so the treaty divided up the rivers instead.✄

↳In April, the Texas Department of Agriculture released a new dress code requiring its employees to dress in a "manner consistent with their biological gender."º


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IMC1210EBR68J↣Sunday's protests – which saw an angry mob, false accusations of a stolen election, and incalculable damage to national institutions – were in support of Bolsonaro, a former right-wing, populist president who lost Brazil's presidential election last year to leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.◊CDR32BP151BJZSAT«The African Union's top council called Sunday for an immediate cease-fire "without conditions." It also asked the AU Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat to "immediately travel to Sudan to engage the parties towards a cease-fire."☻


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VJ1210A471KXEAT○The next total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. will occur just shy of one year from now on April 8, 2024.⇀1210Y0630390KFR❤In Washington state, a mascot ban passed by the legislature in 2021 requires schools with a Native mascot to get permission from the nearest federally recognized tribe to continue using it. State Rep. Debra Lekanoff, who is part (Alaskan) Aleut, pushed for the bill and says it's really an opportunity for "a consultation between the local school district and the [tribes] ... on how to [use such a mascot] in a respectful way."↞

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