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GRM2196T2A8R1DD01D➫Lucky for Brynjolfsson, his colleagues, and econ nerds like us at Planet Money, this software company gave the economists inside access to rigorously evaluate what happened when customer service agents were given assistance from intelligent machines. The economists examine the performance of over 5,000 agents, comparing the outcomes of old-school customer reps without AI against new, AI-enhanced cyborg customer reps.☼GCM319R72A104MA37D◘"The markets of hate have been shut down and the shops of love have opened," Congress leader Rahul Gandhi told reporters at the party headquarters in New Delhi, where his jubilant supporters and party members burst firecrackers and danced to the beat of drums.♀


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PA4300.684NLTⓞThe group's work has garnered nationwide attention, as efforts to research and secure reparations for African Americans elsewhere have had mixed results.↥C1812X103M8JAC7800⊙Gibb heard Vallow Daybell call Tylee a zombie — after Tylee had refused to babysit JJ — to which Tylee replied, "Not me, mom," according to the affidavit. Gibb said Vallow Daybell later concluded that JJ had also become a zombie.


⇜(Assisted reproductive technologies have greatly expanded how ovulation and fertilization can happen so that many more people can have babies. What we're describing here is what happens when that assistance isn't needed.)♘C328C510K3G5TA↕But Yellen said a full economic split between China and the U.S. would be "disastrous". She said "a growing China that plays by international rules" is good for the United States and the world.▣IPI320N203G㊣Woodlands wrote in a GoFundMe for Washington's medical expenses that she "is stable in the ICU and will have a long road to recovery."↲1812J1000562KDR☻Editor's note: To all the medical professionals who have kindly shared their time and insights to answer questions for the coronavirus FAQ series — even as many of them put themselves at risk of infection while caring for patients — we offer our heartfelt gratitude.⇇

◈The 13-year-old student who carried out the March attack in São Paulo referenced the attack in Suzano on social media before taking a knife to school and killing a teacher. Once he attacked her, he tried to go after others but was restrained by teachers. The only reason he wasn't able to kill more people, experts say, is because he didn't have a gun.♀TPSE226K035R0200V➞"This is an active investigation with a lot of moving parts," Shannon Moss, state police spokesperson, said Wednesday.↔


❈If you've always imagined settling down on a tiny, private island off the coast of Scotland, now's your chance.☪1825Y1K50472MXR₪No one has been arrested in the case so far.↞DMN2400UFDQ-7۰During a pregame news conference before the season's regular season finale against the Dallas Mavericks, Popovich, who has coached the Spurs for the past 27 years, bypassed conversations about his retirement and singled out congressional politicians such as Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan for their apparent inaction.✐T494D106M025AT☋Toward the end of the video Green adds that he has two requests for his audience. First, to not give him health care advice. And second, to give him suggestions for movies, TV and video games that are "not heavy at all, like no emotion... really dumb things that could not make anyone cry."▶

↝The teenager was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, authorities said. The homeowner was taken into custody. Investigators recovered a firearm from the scene.▷IRL40SC228➝"Today, the security of our country depends on you," Putin said in remarks directed at those fighting in Ukraine. "The future of our statehood and our people depends on you."◄

▐"You get a lot of mental doubt, and you just have to keep going," Maggi said then. "It's kind of been my motto. Keep going. It's from 'Lord of the Rings.' That's probably been my motto no matter what. No matter all the hard times, just keep going. You never know."►

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