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C316C822J2G5TA7301❤"I will tell you this. This is the most important election in this country in 2023," said former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Saturday to get-out-the-vote volunteers in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha.◆M39003/01-5341▼Hours after voting ended Sunday, the 55-year-old prime minister said he would "follow all constitutional procedures" but strongly implied he would not engage in coalition talks.◆


→"That's a very real risk — that the stigma that already exists within the health care system against people who use drugs is going to get perpetuated in the way that Narcan is available," Nabarun Dasgupta, a senior scientist at the University of North Carolina who studies overdose prevention, said in an interview with NPR.✂1945-34F☛Unique as he is in many ways, Trump is not the first president to gaze out the White House windows and wonder if one day he might wake up behind bars.↖C320C432G3G5TA↞President Zelenskyy's office announced the appointment of Pavlo Riabikin as ambassador to China, a post that has been vacant for two years since the death of Ukraine's last ambassador to China in 2021.☀C0603X180F1HACAUTO☪The selection came from among the many accounts of suffering that Francis has heard from migrants and others who spoke with him during his overseas trips and other occasions.☀

のThis is also a short month for lawmakers to try to address the issue. Both the Senate and the House have separate recess weeks planned.⊙C0805X119C8HAC7800⊟"I'm hopeful for a miracle," she says. "I'm hopeful that someway, somehow that we'll be able to [continue] as a congregation."∷


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1808Y0160331MXT➩At the last hospital in Oklahoma she went to during her ordeal last month, Statton says staff told her and her husband that she could not get a surgical abortion until she became much sicker.♠C0402C910J4HACAUTOぃThe TikTok account has been active for years. But it sparked outrage last week after several popular Twitter accounts, including Barstool Sports, shared compilations.⇕


✣In defending the founding fathers of this country, Scott told his audience: "We need to stop cancelling our founding fathers and start celebrating them for the geniuses that they were. They weren't perfect, but they believed that we could become a more perfect union."⇩2225J2K00391JCR◎Two of the defendants on trial for the January 6th riot tried to claim video showing them at the Capitol could have been created or manipulated by artificial intelligence. Lawyers for one cited a 2017 deepfake of former President Barack Obama, created by researchers, as reason for the court to doubt footage of the riot that had been taken from YouTube.➩IXFA4N100P-TRL►Reducing New York City's homelessness and crime have both been a primary focus of Mayor Adams' agenda. He and Hochul have sent out outreach workers to and stepped up police presence in the subway system — where officers are mandated to enforce new transit rules that include a ban on sleeping — to make the city feel safer. Last year, the mayor announced plans to hospitalize more homeless people by involuntarily providing care to those considered to be in "psychiatric crisis."☼SFF1002GHC0G➯Abortion-rights advocates are working to support medical providers in managing the mental toll these legal attacks take. The newly created Montana Sexual & Reproductive Health Collective is partnering with licensed therapists to provide free emotional and psychological support for providers.↷

☢"I think the White House would tell you he's trying to reach those Middle America voters ... and, politically, that's the area he kind of needs to focus on and that's because his vulnerabilities politically are more on the right than the left because the left is ... more concerned about the right and what could happen if Trump were to come back."☞1206Y1K00390KAT۰"They are harassing citizens and not allowing them to travel," Vucic insisted. "But we don't like to beat protesters, like France and Germany do."の


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1808J0160681JCR☀Two in three Koreans said they would call themselves Korean or Korean American, while just one-third of Japanese adults said they describe themselves as Japanese or Japanese American.◦GA0805Y123KBJBT31G▦Blink, and you could miss the whole interaction.❂


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