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◆Kumar also accused Jones of calling him a "brown face." He said that it was the first time he had ever encountered a racial slur in his 53 years in America.➡

▪"What is concerning is that it gives a signal to other oil and gas projects in the region that they can still find financing from institutions like the [Export-Import Bank] for any future expansions that they might have in mind," Shukla says. "So that, to me, is the wrong signal to send out at this moment in time."⇝


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SP1812-182K▃Over the past 20-plus years, both affected communities in Uganda and foreign scientists and doctors have posited a wide range of alternative theories for the origin of nodding syndrome, from chemicals leached from civil war-era munitions to malnutrition to contaminated food supplies in refugee camps. These camps, built for internally displaced people, were particularly common while Uganda's central government and Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army were in violent conflict from 1987 into the 2010s.•593D475X0025B2TE3♈Roughly 600,000 U.S. residents leave prison each year, and another 9 million cycle in and out of jail. As many as one in three Americans has a criminal record. That stigma can make it hard to get a job, go back to school or start a business.✄

▣U.S. forces entered Syria in 2015, backing allied forces in their fight against the ISIS terror group. The U.S. still maintains the base near Hasakah in northeast Syria, however, where Thursday's drone strike happened. There are roughly 900 U.S. troops, and even more contractors, in Syria.◦


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VJ0805Q180FXAAP“Anyone who knew and sat there and listened to him reload, they should all lose their jobs,” said Brett Cross, the uncle and guardian of 10-year-old Uziyah Garcia, whom he called his son. “Anybody who made an order that they shouldn’t go in should face possible jail time.”♙VS-16TTS08S-M3◙The team has played in its current stadium, the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, for their entire tenure in the city. The Coliseum is among the oldest stadiums in the major leagues, and A's owners had long been seeking a new park.♥


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