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T491A106K006AT4833➤In separate hearings, lawyers for Holmes and Balwani tried to persuade Davila their respective clients should be required to pay little, if anything. Prosecutors had been pushing for a restitution penalty in the $800 million range. Both Holmes — whose stake in Theranos was once valued at $4.5 billion — and Balwani — whose holdings were once valued around $500 million — have indicated they are nearly broke after running up millions of dollar in legal bills while proclaiming their innocence.❂1210J0630122JAR▥Evacuations appeared likely to continue if conditions of fighting allow. Although American officials said it was too dangerous for a government-coordinated evacuation of thousands of private U.S. citizens, other countries scrambled to remove their citizens who wanted to leave.▓


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2220Y6300121JCR⇛For the last few decades, we've seen a pattern that economists have called "skill-biased technological change." The basic idea is that so-called "high-skill" office workers have disproportionately benefited from the use of computers and the internet. Things like Microsoft Word and Excel, Google, and so on have made office workers and other high-paid professionals much better at their jobs.☢C1206X471F5HAC7800↫Professor Lee Gyu-tag says the Koreanness, however it is defined, will survive.↲


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2225Y3K00332MXT⊙She will also lead the Ronald W. Walters Speakers Series — which will bring speakers to the historically Black college on a range of diverse topics.♠SDR1307A-1R5M☂JUNEAU, Alaska — The U.S. Army has grounded aviation units for training after 12 soldiers died within the last month in helicopter crashes in Alaska and Kentucky, the military branch announced Friday.♦


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C1206C226K8RAC7210▦"Why do I stress the president's role?" Pattis asked the jury. "He's not on trial here much though I wish he were. ... If my president tells me my republic is being stolen, who do I listen to: the thief or the commander in chief?"⇘2225J0250681FFR⇍Like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, First Republic, which was founded in 1985, catered to wealthy individuals, and many of its deposits were too large to be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).▉


♨"I felt like my life was over," Stallings later said. "Regardless of the fact that I felt like I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't feel like I was in the wrong at all. From experience, what I've seen is Black men don't make it out of situations like that."○BF908WR,115♘"I'm not going to lie to you, because, like, I love my coaches, I love the team, love my teammates — there wasn't any qualms with the athletic facility," he said.◇C317C361K3G5TAのThe percentage of cancellations caused by the airline also increased at Southwest, Delta, American and United. The figures did not include the 16,700 late-December cancellations at Southwest that followed the breakdown of the airline's crew-rescheduling system.↶GJM0335C2A5R6CB01W☍The hostel is in an industrial area and features billboards on one side. Dark smoke stains extended up the exterior walls on the top story of the building.☢

☊After exiting Khartoum, Eisa says the journey was relatively straightforward.▫NP36N055HLE-AY⇔The G-7 leaders gathered in Hiroshima include President Biden as well as the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Leaders from Australia, India, Vietnam and Brazil are among invited guests.☪

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