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➳Saturday's violence shocked Dadeville, a sleepy town of 3,200 people about 45 minutes north of Tuskegee. The shooting was the 16th mass killing of the year in the United States. A 17th took place in Maine on Tuesday. A total of 88 people have died in the killings so far in 2023.➩


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BSZ240N12NS3GATMA1ⓞFollow live updates on former President Donald Trump's arraignment here.➴CDR03BX683AKYSAR⋄So often in war, the buildings that have been damaged are the most visible. But what about the invisible damage? The human, less-deadly, far-deeper scars?❉

⇘A nearby wall is gouged with red tinged markings so it resembles diseased or battered skin. Norton explains that Mutu first created such a wall in 2004 to express her frustration while waiting to become an American citizen. In the exhibition catalog, Mutu adds: "I wanted to find a way to resolve and understand what was happening to me and other people who come to the United States and who cross borders. I felt deep sadness and became obsessed with Rwandan genocide, which I felt had a lot to do with borders and confining or defining people through colonization and eugenics."⊕


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173D187X9006Y▲Sharif agrees.☺C1206C180G2GACTU▒He said the company, whose brands include Lucky Strike, Kent and Pall Mall, had since transformed its ethics and compliance programs.☛

♣The families blamed police for not notifying them directly that another girl from the same school had run off to become an ISIS bride just months earlier. Instead, police gave girls at the school a letter to hand to their parents. But they never actually handed it over.❀

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