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◥The A's hope to break ground next year on a new stadium with a seating capacity of 30,000 to 35,000, team President Dave Kaval told The Associated Press.➪

➢"We'll need this capacity because our trucks more than measure up to our customers' expectations, and we'll demonstrate that work and EV range are not mutually exclusive terms for Chevrolet and GMC trucks," Barra told investors.☜


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GMC31X7R223K200NT♗After the Times of London revealed this potential conflict of interest this past January, the government opened an investigation. On Friday, it published its report, concluding that Sharp had indeed breached rules.ぃGRM216R72A332KAC4D●A public school district in Flint, Michigan, has banned backpacks, citing safety concerns.➲


♈The oldest additions to the Registry this year date back to 1908 and 1909– they are the earliest surviving recordings of mariachi music, recorded in Mexico City in a performance for the country's president shortly before the Mexican Revolution. And the newest is a contemporary classical piece by composer Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, the first woman to earn a doctorate in composition from the Juilliard School and the first female composer to win the Pulitzer Prize.▼BTA316B-600BT,118▀After earlier sightings over Montana, the balloon moved along Friday to cross "the middle of the country," according to a U.S. official. A Chinese balloon has never been over the middle of the country before. The only other time a Chinese balloon has flown over the continental U.S. was during a brief overflight of Florida. There have been overflights of Hawaii and Guam. In previous instances, the Chinese have been able to recover the balloon. Although it can maneuver, it will still travel in the direction it is carried by the jet stream.™1812J2000182JAT⇣The leaves had "this percussive quality," he says. "And I knew that all of these vibrating leaves would create a significant amount of vibration within the tree."×BAT1804E6327HTSA1▏In a follow-up study using climate model simulations, Williams and colleagues predicted that clear-air turbulence in the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere could triple in the next three to six decades, depending on future greenhouse emissions.➹

⇗KATHMANDU, Nepal — A Sherpa guide scaled Mount Everest on Sunday for the 26th time, matching the record set by a fellow Nepalese guide for the most ascents of the world's highest peak.▅GVD1213-001☂"While there was a lot of uncertainty at the time, with the information that I now know, the right decision would have been to immediately remove Dante Vanzeir from the game," he added.✉

♤The way I stay optimistic is waking up early to watch the sunrise and meditate on where I find light in the darkness. There are great things of beauty and peace in this world. -Michelle Middleton, Reno, Nev.⇆

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