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♂You could say that sisters Joanna and Esther are estranged. They grew up together, hidden away with their family's collection of magical books. Each book is a spell, written in blood. Now Joanna tends to the collection, alone and isolated. Esther fled years before when she found out she was endangering her family with her presence. Tired of living on the run, she decides to risk everything and remain at the Antarctic station where she spent the past year and finally began to put down roots. But almost immediately, magic catches up with her, putting her, Joanna, and their family's books at risk. Soon they realize that the spells controlling their lives go back further and have much more complicated origins than they could have imagined.↞1812GC681MAT1A↩Before her absence, Feinstein, 89, had last voted in mid-February, and several Democrats recently called on her to resign before her term is up, including California Rep. Ro Khanna.▨FST6345M⇦In conjunction with local prosecutors, police decided to release the shooter "pending further investigation," Graves said — including the need to obtain a formal statement from Yarl.✤2510-04G☜"She has talked about having multiple roots," says Margot Norton, the museum's Allen and Lola Golding senior curator. Born in Kenya in 1972, Mutu moved to New York in the 1990s and now splits her time between studios in Brooklyn and Nairobi. It's a dichotomy that is explored in the exhibition "Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined," open through June 4 and featuring more than 100 of her works created over a span of 25 years, spread across multiple floors.↸

♣On Monday evening, several hundred residents gathered at the local high school for an hour-long prayer vigil, reported Public Radio Tulsa's Elizabeth Caldwell. They aired their grief with hugs, tears and calls for faith.⇆0402B562K250CT☀"It was February of last year when we had two back-to-back school shooting threats," said Cooper. "But they were using social media like Snapchat to make these threats. And I don't think they understood the severity of the consequences because they thought it was a joke."⇛

☻Critics say this kind of pushback against fentanyl harm reduction strategies threatens efforts by the Biden administration to shift the nation's response toward a public health model, rather than arrests and incarceration.☚


↳Twitter, more than any of its rivals, has said its users come to it to keep track of current events. That made it an attractive place for news outlets to share their stories and reinforced Twitter's moves to combat the spread of misinformation. But Musk has long expressed disdain for professional journalists and said he wants to elevate the views and expertise of the "average citizen."❣1808J2000332JCT▕"I just wanted to see something new, something better," she said at a polling station near the center of the city. "Now we need a new thing to bring us into the future. To bring us forward."▒GMD155R71H331KA01D▯"We are living, I do believe, in a moment in time where so many of our hard-won freedoms are under attack," Harris said. "This is a moment for us to stand and fight."▦GA0805H682MXXBC31G▆Troops, including the Navy's SEAL Team 6, departed on Saturday from Camp Lemonnier, the American military base in Djibouti. After refueling in Ethiopia, they landed late at night in Sudan's capital.♛

➳11. ""Imagine"" — John Lennon (1971)←CC0603KRNPO9BN331➵He added that "part of the reason" was as a result of Feinstein's absence. On Tuesday, however, Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office confirmed the California Democrat will return to the senate Tuesday evening.☞

▅According to officials, an Allen Police Department officer on an unrelated call heard gunfire at 3:36 p.m. on Saturday.◀

⇏9:15 a.m.☌


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