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1008R-221K➹"As it ripped the roof off, the shower curtain fell," Milam, 26, said Sunday. "So I'm trying to dig through the shower curtain and see. I saw darkness and then rain started to fall."➫1210J1000472FCR▐But Khan is embroiled in dozens of criminal cases, including serious corruption allegations. If he is found guilty, he will likely be disqualified from running for office again. Khan told NPR he believed that was the point. He repeated a claim he has frequently made that Pakistan's army chief, Gen. Asim Munir, and the government coalition are trying to eliminate him politically. "He along with this 12-party coalition have decided that whatever happens, Imran Khan can't win the elections," he said.⇛


✌So, what now?➽CDR32BP100BKYPAJ✙The unions said it was the first strike at the university since 1987, when clerical, dining hall, technical and maintenance workers walked out after contract talks broke down.♥GA0402A3R3CXXAP31G♣That prompted an immediate outcry from animal rights groups like SAFE, who pointed out that feral cats don't necessarily look different from strays and pets. Worried that house cats would suffer, they called on organizers to cancel the category.☽1206Y0160470JFRWith Trump's proposal to expand the use of the death penalty, he is reigniting a debate over the practice that remains unsettled.➼

⇀Moscow has accused Ukraine of carrying out previous attacks and sabotage in other parts of Russia, which Ukraine denies.ΘCL31C300JBCNNNC☎Which leaves vets like Jesse Reynolds still worried as he drives his truck to his next camping spot for the night.↭


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T493C106M035BH6420◙The Klamath River fall-run Chinook salmon were declared overfished in 2018. According to federal researchers, the Sacramento River fall Chinook salmon are also approaching an overfished condition.✲GRM2197U2A9R3DD01D✥As the declaration ends, "I think it's a bit early to tell how that will impact long haulers," Fisseha says. One worry she has is that the decrease in data reporting will affect long-COVID research and its funding. For instance, there may be people who get COVID and have lingering symptoms, but ones that are not serious enough to go to the doctor – those cases might be missed, which could affect how well the condition is understood. "There's still so much to learn and know," she says. --Selena Simmons-Duffin◊


WOOD: No ties to 9/11 in terms of either direction, control or even foreknowledge.▫CDR34BP222BKUM-ZACAB◦Their announcement was cheered by many on Twitter, who applauded the agency for creating a valuable, inclusive new resource.۰GA1210A822JXCAR31G☼The government argued that requiring people to work two years more before qualifying for a pension was needed to keep the pension system afloat as the population ages; opponents proposed raising taxes on the wealthy or employers instead, and said the change threatened a hard-won social safety net.♨M39003/01-2773/HSD¤During the trial and in their indictment, prosecutors have cited text messages between the pair "regarding death percentages for Tammy" Daybell, as well as messages about her being in limbo, and Tammy "being possessed by a spirit named Viola."▩

☠Investors responded to "a broader structural problem" in banking following a long period of low interest rates and "very, very loose monetary policy," said Sascha Steffen, professor of finance at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.◆1812Y2000474MDR〓But a make-birth-free policy seems unlikely to advance very far or very quickly in a year when the same Republican lawmakers who support a national abortion ban are even more vehemently pushing for large federal budget cuts in the debt ceiling fight.▨


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R7012403XXUA➷"The staff has met for the last two days, we think it's productive for the staff to meet again," McCarthy said.◇C326C752JAG5TA▮"You have to go back and reckon with the sins of the past if you want the people of your state and of your city to believe and trust in the system," Williams says.♀

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