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✌As he showed up, the courtroom was stormed by dozens of agents from the accountability bureau, backed by paramilitary troops, breaking windows after Khan's guards refused to open the door.▪84103C◦Residents told reporters that fire alarms would regularly sound in the building, possibly from people smoking or overly sensitive smoke monitors, so many had initially thought it was another false alarm.➳NLCV25T-3R3M-PF☪At least 64 people, including eight children, died when their overcrowded wooden boat slammed into the shoals just a few hundred meters off Italy's Calabrian coast and broke apart early Sunday in rough seas. Eighty people survived, but dozens more are feared dead since survivors indicated the boat had carried about 170 people when it set off last week from Izmir, Turkey."➱784771033◆"Our sponsors and school safety are our main priority, so the decision has been made to withdraw this category for this year to avoid further backlash at this time," organizers wrote on Facebook. "We are disappointed and apologise for those who were excited to be involved in something that is about protecting [our] native birds, and other vulnerable species."☆

✄Jordan says his vascular condition was excruciating. He said he did not receive adequate treatment for it in prison: "You could see my foot dying."↠JAN1N748C-1◙The harrowing episode called to mind other recent shootings of people who had mistakenly ended up at the wrong address.➙

♜The most time-consuming part of the process was deciding which products and hazards to shoot. Galbo says that selection was informed by the more than 20 safety campaigns the CPSC runs throughout the year.♗


▒The all-cash deal faced stiff opposition from rival Sony and was also being scrutinized by regulators in the U.S. and Europe over fears that it would give Microsoft control of popular game franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush.⋄2220J0250273GFR☢The Montevideo Maru was transporting prisoners and civilians who were captured after the fall of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea. The ship was not marked as carrying POWs, and on July 1, 1942, the American submarine Sturgeon, after stalking the ship through the night, fired four torpedoes, which found their target, sinking the vessel in less than 10 minutes.➢1812Y0250153FFR▃Mintz said she was "absolutely delighted by today's monumental result and that Codex Sassoon will shortly be making its grand and permanent return to Israel, on display for the world to see."☪C1206X279B8HAC7800♢The claims contributed to drop in J&J's sales of baby powder, prompting the company to stop selling its talc-based products in 2020. Last year, J&J announced plans to cease sales of the product worldwide.▬

∎During hours of emotional committee hearings, opponents testified that hormone treatments, and in some cases, surgery, are evidence-based care, supported by numerous medical associations and can be life-saving for someone with gender dysphoria — the clinically significant distress or impairment caused by feeling that one's gender identity does not match one's biological sex.☢GA1206Y683JXCBT31G▩It said exercises involving ships, ground forces and aircraft took place Saturday but gave no details on when the began or whether they had ended.☂


☊During the protests, violent clashes between police and protesters occurred, and some protesters expressed their opposition to officers' questionable tactics through "doxxing" — the practice of maliciously leaking others' personal information.⊞FR201GP-TP♥"The reality is that if you're not working, you're not making money," Cuello says. "And if you're not making money, are you eating?"➲C0603C224J4RACTU◩The FAA warns that a significant shortage of air traffic controllers overseeing the very congested New York area airspace could increase flight delays into and out of Newark, LaGuardia and JFK airports by 45% this summer.➞VJ0603D3R9CXAAC♠NDSS President and CEO Kandi Pickard said in the group's statement, "This Barbie serves as a reminder that we should never underestimate the power of representation. It is a huge step forward for inclusion and a moment that we are celebrating."↕

➘Whether the government calls up more Russians to fight ultimately depends on what happens in the coming months — particularly as Ukraine prepares to launch a counteroffensive to retake occupied territories.♪RS3B-E3/57T➲"When you find you're disconnected from your community, that's never a good thing."«


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GRM0335C1E8R1DA01D∴On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that only 16% of health facilities in Khartoum were operating normally, with 24,000 pregnant women unable to access maternal care.░0805J0250561GCR⊟"Alcohol addiction is a huge problem in these parts and one that authorities are constantly battling," says the forest officer Mahendran. "I truly admire the courage of these women. They must bear the burden of all the expenses after their husbands, who earn a good living, have frittered away their money on drinks."★

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