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HMK105B7332KVHFE✥So, what now?JANTX1N4966D➝"Remember, you always tried to keep a place for Daniel?" she asks. "Remember when your teacher would scold you two for being too silly?" She imitates Iryna Sahan's stern voice: "Aurora! Daniel!"✙

☏Police executed a search warrant on McFadden's property around 3 p.m. on Monday, where they discovered the seven bodies.☪

↤After a promotion to lieutenant colonel, Gregg was put in charge of the 96th Supply and Services Battalion at Fort Riley, Kan., which had been alerted for deployment to Vietnam.Θ


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1812Y2000560JAR▧The banks have responded by trying to convey to their customers — and investors — that they are well capitalized.↲VLF302510MT-150M-CA↾A gunman killed five people and wounded at least eight others during a Monday morning shooting in downtown Louisville, Ky., authorities said.☺


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2220J2000334KDT▥That would be hugely helpful in low income countries, says Bausch. "I can tell you from years in Ebola outbreaks, being the clinician taking care of the patient, if you go in and say, 'Good news, your Ebola test is negative,' the patient smiles for a minute. but of course then they want to know what they do have. To say, 'You're still dying of something. But we don't know what it is,' is not very comforting."▬2220J3K00180GCR❑Another surviving member of the Family Band, harmonica master Mickey Raphael, was part of the weekend's house band, led by Don Was, which backed almost everyone.▬

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