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Those objections have prompted efforts to do away with Native American mascot names in several states, with proposals introduced in at least 21 states, according to the National Congress of American Indians, or NCAI.░SL215E103MABTR1▣On Friday, Detective Nathan Duncan of the Chandler, Arizona, Police Department read aloud a text message Vallow Daybell sent to Daybell from July 18, 2019 — one week after Cox killed Vallow in Arizona, after an apparent argument.◆CDR31BP100BJUP\M500◀As Sudanese-American doctors practicing in the United States, we are inspired by our Sudanese counterparts. They are exemplars of the ideals of our profession. They've not just managed to provide care in unimaginable circumstances; they've done so while facing enormous risks to their safety. They have long been called "Soldiers in White" for their dedication to their profession in periods of conflict — never more so than in this violent time.☜1PS301,115☀Similarly, executives at the Walt Disney Co. and ABC breathed a sigh of relief after settling a case in 2017, in which ABC News had referred to a kind of processed beef as "pink slime." That's because the amount parent company Disney paid — $177 million — was a fraction of its possible $5.7 billion exposure under South Dakota law. ABC did not retract the story.㊣

"Everything we celebrate and honor about movies and television is born out of [the WGA writers'] creation," Barrymore said in a statement shared by a representative for the actress on Thursday. "And until a solution is reached, I am choosing to wait. But I'll be watching from home on Sunday night and I hope everyone else will as well."➳1879063-7↕As for where I find optimism, I'll tell you — I start my day with prayer and I end my day with prayer. That's the biggest thing in my life. I'm a Roman Catholic and for me, that's where it all starts. Prayer is very personal. My prayer is between me and my God. But of course, I also pray with other people. In Kenya, a lot of our meetings actually start with a prayer.☢

⇣"Little by little, we're trying to put Saltivka back together," Shokum said, sipping hot tea at the tent during a work break.⇑


▥11. ""Imagine"" — John Lennon (1971)❤C1206C105K5RALTU☄"This treaty will help to knit together the different regional treaties to be able to address threats and concerns across species' ranges," Battle said.▥FQP8N60C♥This "will severely deplete the government's newly acquired arsenal of disease data surveillance," she wrote in another email with her colleague Lauren Gardner.↦CKR23CG102KM▌"Our conservation today slows down these processes (of decay), but for how long, it's hard to say," Maciaszczyk said.♟

◢One of the people in the group was a person named Wendy Westman. She and Price had only met in passing at the summer program a few months earlier. As Price stood there, feeling increasingly lonely, Westman turned around and asked him if he'd like to join her group.♔AUIRFB3806▦Disarm was fourth, followed by Hit Show, Japan-based Derma Sotogake, Tapit Trice and Raise Cain, Rocket Can, Confidence Game, Sun Thunder, Japan's Mandarin Hero, Reincarnate, Kingsbarns, King Russell, Verifying, Jace's Road and Cyclone Mischief.▐


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CQ0603CRNPOYBN5R6❀She won album of the year for Bell Bottom Country, accepting the honor slightly breathless after performing her song "Grease."░T494D476M020AT⇒A drug that once helped her, Ozempic, is now too costly for her.•


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NLV32T-3R3J-EF⇜Doing something for someone else is my all time high — it always lifts me. -Dianne Oelberger, St George, Maine✆M39003/03-4038/HSD➢"I was just trying to spend the last few moments on the court with especially the five people that I've started 93 games with, and relishing every second of that," Clark added.

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