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ⓛShe is also the granddaughter of the late labor leader César Chávez, who advocated for the rights of farmworkers and helped found the United Farm Workers union, and the daughter of UFW President Emeritus Arturo Rodriguez. Before entering politics, Chávez Rodriguez was the director of programs at the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation.♦


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2N6427RLRA▣Former SNL writer and performer John Mulaney presented Michaels with the PEN Literary Service Award, which has previously been given to Stephen King, Stephen Sondheim and Rushdie, who won in 2014 for his "unparalleled artistry and courage as a novelist and essayist." Michaels has helped launched countless television and film stars, but on Thursday he dedicated his speech to writers and the writing room of SNL.△TAZD685K010CBSZ0000●U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for those responsible for the death of civilians, including three employees with the U.N. food agency, to be held accountable, according to his spokesman, Stéphane Dujarric.♧

卐Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts should swap out dark pants or leggings for light-colored clothing to make it easier to see even the tiniest creatures. People heading outside can also use permethrin tick repellent on bags, shoes and socks, which should always be pulled over pants cuffs to prevent direct access to one's legs.➫


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0805J0250121KDT♙WOOD: We really thought because he and about ten of his fellow terrorists were in Baghdad for several months that the Iraqis had to know. And that was further boosted by the fact that a foreign service said they told the IIS where they were. But the II S came back and said they couldn't find them. So we thought, okay, they know they're there, but there's no reporting to us that says they're directing them, that they're involved with them, no control, no direction, and that there was not any sense that the Iraqi leadership was in any way. Authorizing their actions.☚2225Y2K00122KXR⏎The owner of the torched Conway home said he saw someone matching Arrington's description hiding inside a trailer behind his house on Tuesday evening. He notified the sheriff's office and fled with his family. Investigators searched the property, but there was no trace of Arrington. They continued the search through the night with drones and a helicopter.☁

♧The meeting with national and local press was held to discuss Griner's return to court ahead of the upcoming WNBA season with the Phoenix Mercury.↬


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