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⇓No other people have been charged in the incident, including the student. However, the superintendent of the school system was fired, the assistant principal of the school resigned and Zwerner is suing the school system for $40 million, alleging they ignored warnings the student had a weapon that day and was in "a violent mood."♡

❁When Pastor Douglas Theobald steps to the pulpit at Struthers United Methodist Church this Sunday, it will likely be the last religious service in its 112-year history.↲


▼"The City has gone above and beyond in our attempts to arrive at mutually beneficial terms to keep the A's in Oakland," she said in a statement. "Yet, it is clear to me that the A's have no intention of staying in Oakland and have simply been using this process to try to extract a better deal out of Las Vegas. I am not interested in continuing to play that game - the fans and our residents deserve better."☼TPC8221-H,LQ(S✄As the day continued, one by one, some of the key holdouts said they would move to support the legislation after negotiations with McCarthy and others. Among them was Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., who said she was a "yes" after meeting with McCarthy Wednesday afternoon.◎SR301C474KARAP1☻The attack the West Bank came just as tens of thousands of Palestinians were pouring into Al-Aqsa for midday Friday prayers.【1812Y0630473MXTOther NGOs working in Afghanistan have experienced similar obstacles. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), which provides humanitarian assistance such as camp management, shelter, protection and education services to displaced communities, had suspended various projects across the country after the Taliban's ban on women employees in December. They simply did not have the staff to carry out these programs without calling on their female employees.☢

◆"Carriers have taken responsibility for challenges within their control and continue working diligently to improve operational reliability as demand for air travel rapidly returns," said the spokeswoman, Hannah Walden. "This includes launching aggressive, successful hiring campaigns for positions across the industry and reducing schedules in response to the FAA's staffing shortages."↯GRM1885C2A7R8DZ01D⇕"I'm tracking between 60,000 and 65,000," he said.▒

↑The group also said the minimum age requirement tied to parental consent jeopardizes an adolescent user's privacy. James P. Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media, said in the statement that the group appreciates the senators' efforts and they look forward to working with them in the future, "but this is a life or death issue for families and we have to be very careful about how to protect kids online."◎


▧But, he added, if Fulton Phillips believed he might "be more helpful by having a public position and influence ... I will pay you $5,000 per year in March each year, so long as I am in public service."♀VJ0603D300MLAAC▎Fox's chief media host and correspondent, Howard Kurtz, barely touched on the case. He finally told viewers he had been forbidden from covering it by his corporate bosses.✑T491A104M050AT↫"What is the likelihood of that?" Tacopina asked. "One in 20 billion? One in 10 billion?"◘M39003/01-8117/HSDЮ"The Defense believes that Judge Holder's sentence was excessive and inappropriate, given Ms. Nasryrova's [sic] life circumstances, her mental illness history, family support, and her traumatic experiences while living in the United States," he wrote.☆

↘"It exists, and now getting into greater use in low and middle income countries is the next step."⇑GA1206Y102MBABT31G⚘It's not the first time Pelé's legacy has changed the very language of his home country.▼

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