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BZV55-B20,115⇂Some consumer advocates in Italy have accused pasta producers of raising prices to boost their profits.★JANTX1N5969◊On how parking requires resources:↻

♧The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General has received complaints from around the country about unsolicited tests being billed to Medicare, said a top investigator. Earlier this year, the office posted a fraud warning on its website, urging consumers to report this and other covid-related scams.♦


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SQCAEM101JAJME\500▪In April, the CBP tracked 58,964 encounters with migrant families and 11,478 unaccompanied minors, according to data shared by the agency. CBP encounters with migrant families increased 28% between March and April.º12101C105K4T4A⇗Australia also announced its first sanctions, aimed at 16 members of the junta "responsible for egregious human rights abuses" and two sprawling, military-controlled conglomerates.♕


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2225Y0100563JXT⚘The complaint came from Miami Lakes resident Daily Salinas, who has two children at Bob Graham. It alleges Gorman's book would cause confusion and indoctrinate children. NPR reviewed the complaint and other materials after they were obtained through a records request to the school district from the Florida Freedom to Read Project.♀TAC564K035P02-F◦After the tweet promising a new Twitter CEO was posted, Tesla's stock price shot up, perhaps a sign that investors believe Musk may soon turn his focus back to Tesla.░


◘Earlier this month, Target CEO Brian Cornell said in an interview with Fortune's Leadership Next podcast that the company wants to support "all families" and that its "focus on diversity and inclusion and equity has fueled much of our growth over the last nine years."⇕M39003/01-8116/96☆During a Wall Street Journal event on Tuesday, when asked if he was hosting a discussion with DeSantis, Musk confirmed the event.☼C333C333G5G5TA☣This week's lawsuit also names Weinstein, Disney, and its subsidiaries Buena Vista, and Miramax. Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but Weinstein's attorney Imran H. Ansari said in a statement to NPR, "Certainly Mr. Weinstein had no control over any alleged conduct by Mr. Lombardo, nor would he have any reason to know what Mr. Lombardo was doing nor where Mr. Lombardo was at the time that Ms. Ziff alleges she was raped. As such, Mr. Weinstein firmly denies that he has any liability for the alleged conduct of another."➣1N5954CE3/TR13⇤Deleted accounts would wipe out data across Gmail, Google Drive and Docs, Google Photos, Google Calendar and YouTube.☇

⇔Most of the bacteria and other pathogens that cause the potentially deadly illness live in the gut of the tick, and when it is irritated it can regurgitate its contents into the skin, Prusinski said.♦1812Y2K00270FCR⊙"And if the Court does not resolve this issue on its own, the Committee will consider legislation to resolve it," the letter says.⊕


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