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ⓞSo, what now?✲

↖American Gas Association president and CEO Karen Harbert said in a statement that natural gas has helped drive down carbon emissions and that banning it in new buildings would hurt energy customers.↯

▨That act of watching — aided by new platforms, fueled by faster reporting — ushered in a new age of national response to local emergencies. The Boston Marathon bombings left an enduring framework for how Americans process, organize and mourn in the face of tragedy.↩


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12061C224K4T4AⓛThere hasn't been a federal execution since President Biden took office.▓DZ2S24000LのThere are times, Miller says, when she gets tired of fighting. But she finds strength in a favorite Bible passage — "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" — the women she works with and the hope she can one day reunite with her children.➶


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CDR31BP270BJWS⇚"We will absolutely win the second round ... and bring democracy" said Kilicdaroglu, 74, maintaining that Erdogan had lost the trust of a nation now demanding change.♤C1206C223MMGEC➥So can you sum it all up for me?♩


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