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LSR105 L0G】The sprawling case included 500,000 chat messages, video clips, podcasts and even a police riot shield. FBI special agents, police on the front lines on Jan. 6 and former members of the Proud Boys who pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors made up the bulk of the Justice Department witness list.▪VJ0603D3R6CXAAJ♨Thompson, 35, was found dead in September 2022 after being held at the jail's psychiatric wing for about three months. At the time, the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office ruled that the cause of his death was "undetermined," but his family says the jail's deplorable conditions played a role.✑


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1N4127 (DO35)☎It was unclear if Garcia was being represented by an attorney.◊ELC-18E102✄Sponsors of the "AM for Every Vehicle Act" cited public safety concerns, noting AM's historic role in transmitting vital information during emergencies, such as natural disasters, especially to rural areas.⊙


♢President Erdogan, who defied pre-election forecasts by taking 49.4% of the vote in Sunday's presidential contest, sees a path to winning another five years in office if he can secure the endorsement of a nationalist presidential candidate who came in third place in this vote.▨APT50GS60BRDQ2G⇄"People are sad, they're shocked, they want to remember the victims, the people who died," she says. "But then the moment passes and they forget. They look away. They don't think about the possibility that this could happen again. Because when it happens once, it's shocking. When it happens a second time, it's still a shock. Once it happens a third, a fourth time, it already becomes normal. People say, 'Ah I knew it was going to happen again.' But it's not OK. It's a massacre. We're talking about lives. People are dying for nothing. They're being killed in a place that's supposed to be safe. But it isn't."◘TLJR336M004R3000➞CANBERRA, Australia — A 95-year-old Australian woman died Wednesday, a week after a police officer shot her with a stun gun in a nursing home as she moved toward him using a walker and carrying a steak knife, in a tragedy that has outraged many Australians.⇤1210J0250183KDR◑It isn't clear which side has paid a higher price in the battle for Bakhmut. Both Russia and Ukraine have endured losses believed to be in the thousands, though neither has disclosed casualty numbers.⇢

♜"Drag queens are not at a school to groom your kids. Stop it," he said. "And even if they were, most of them kids are going to get shot at school."☺PM20S-1R8K▩Police arrested several more senior PTI members overnight. The party has not explicitly condemned the attacks on government facilities, but senior members have repeatedly called for the demonstrations to remain peaceful.✄


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8532-51J☣The Justice Department, meanwhile, hailed the ruling.↯CDR32BP222AJWS\M500☛The picture shows the M87 black hole, a large one about 55 million light years away that's thought to be 6.5 billion times more massive than the sun. This is the black hole that was observed in 2017 by a network of telescopes around the world known as the Event Horizon Telescope, which together acted as a giant radio telescope the size of the Earth.⊕

↢Senate Democrats have broadly supported Feinstein's request to give her more time to recover. But without GOP support to replace her, there will likely be new pressure on Feinstein.✒


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