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Carter later was named the John S. Knight Professor of Public Affairs Journalism at the University of Maryland. In 1998 he became president of the John S. Knight and James L. Knight Foundation, based in Miami, Florida.▂


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C1210X682M3HACAUTO➲Many of the videos have millions of likes and scores of comments from incredulous viewers, who seemingly can't believe what they're seeing is from the verified account. (Other comments, from both the account and other viewers, are focused on the sport and the athletes' feats.)⇒1210J2K00180KCR┲In a letter posted Friday, the agency told ARC that it has tentatively concluded after an eight-year investigation that ARC front driver and passenger inflators have a safety defect.☚


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GJM0335C2A4R2WB01J▬On the harder evenings, Towarnicki takes a moment to unwind with a pudding cup from the clinic's snacks. Most often, she can let go of her patient's story as she closes the clinic. Part of her healing is "seeing the light returned to people's eyes, seeing them be able to breathe deeper," which she said happens 19 out of 20 times.✡PE0200WF40138BF1⇑Yarl's goal is to study chemical engineering at Texas A&M University and visit West Africa before starting college, his aunt wrote in a GoFundMe page. The fundraiser has already raised more than $2.1 million.♂


♭After the vote, Molly Rivera, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, said the group planned to challenge the new measure as soon as Wednesday, with the same plaintiffs as the previous lawsuit.✦1825Y0500152KCR↾Kilicdaroglu's rallies draw somewhat younger crowds, with his supporters saying he represents a needed change and that he offers a more moderate leadership.☜1812Y0100823FCT☃Another recurring theme is community care, and not in the Hollywoodized small town "aw shucks" kind of way, but rather in the difficult, intentional work of maintaining contact with one's neighbors and trying to provide what people need. In one story a game warden takes care to check in on his newly widowed neighbor. In "You Four Are the One," narrator Lanie and three of her friends spend the summer before starting sixth grade helping Lanie's pregnant neighbor, Cinta Johns, who is on strict bedrest following the four miscarriages in seven years that she's already been through. While Cinta's husband is at work at the mill, the girls hold her hand, walk her dog, make her tea, paint her toenails, and mostly take her mind off the mounting pressure to make sure she's able to carry the pregnancy to term. Lanie's mother is the one who sends the girls over at first, but Lanie soon finds meaning in the work as well. "At Cinta Johns's house we weren't four flat-chested nerdy girls in one-pieces," she emphasizes. "We were a part of her Support Team."卍CDR31BX471BKZRAP➥When asked if the city was in Ukraine's hands, Zelenskyy said: "I think no, but you have to — to understand that there is nothing, They've destroyed everything. There are no buildings. It's a pity. It's tragedy."♦

﹌It isn't clear which side has paid a higher price in the battle for Bakhmut. Both Russia and Ukraine have endured losses believed to be in the thousands, though neither has disclosed casualty numbers.➳0603Y0630471MER┱In a news release, the federal agency said it will recommend a series of "individual risk-based questions" that will be the same for every blood donor, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender or sex. Those who have had anal sex with a new sexual partner, or more than one sexual partner, within the last three months would be asked to wait to donate blood.↝


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CBR06C499B5GAC♨"The extraordinary effort behind this discovery speaks for the enduring truth of Australia's solemn national promise to always remember and honour those who served our country," Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said. "This is the heart and the spirit of Lest We Forget."▪M39014/01-1209V➴Kayla Delcoure runs social media for Pippi's Place, a cat rescue in Atlanta. She came up with a creative social post inspired by the online used-car retailer to help find its felines new homes.✍

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