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T86C475M025ESAL☪"We're a decade ahead of what's happening in the rest of Colorado" because of the intensity of water scarcity, says Simpson, who manages the Rio Grande Water Conservation District.☺UGF8FT-E3/45☆Murdoch's News Group Newspapers has argued that a British High Court judge should throw out the phone hacking lawsuits because the claims were brought too late, according to The Associated Press.✚

♀"We received recommendations from 33 countries concerning the administration of capital punishment at the State and Federal level," the State Department's statement reads. "While we respect those who make these recommendations, they reflect continuing differences of policy, not differences about what the United States' international human rights obligations require."☝


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MRFX600HSR5♚"At that time, we had no idea there was a shooting. But then the television was on and there was breaking news on the television. And they mentioned that there was an active shooter and they gave the address and the address was the building that we were in," Johnson said outside the building.↻1808J2000682FCT◘"The man asked me, 'Are you OK?' And I said, 'No.' "♥

▭On Saturday, eight warships and 71 planes were detected near Taiwan, 45 of which flew across the middle line of the strait that separates it from the mainland, the island's Ministry of Defense said. It said they included Chengdu J-10, Shenyang J-11 and Shenyang J-16 jet fighters.↔

⇑Tokyo's Metropolitan Police said they found nearly 3,500 yami-baito listings on Twitter last year, reflecting a year-on-year increase of more than 50% despite efforts to stamp out the ads. Yami-baito crime rings have been known to advertise even on legitimate job-listing websites.♦

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