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☆In a series of tweets Sunday, Omar called on pro-democracy groups to set aside their disputes to find a way to end the crisis "immediately".

⇨It spoke to Noh Huyn-soo in simpler terms, reminding him that he had skipped breakfast that morning. So as his visit to Seoul's Leeum Museum of Art stretched past noon late last week, Noh seized the yellow fruit and ate it, ignoring the alarmed cry of a museum staffer.☄


☆"But we need policies in place that will keep this from happening again, so that thoughts and prayers do not have to be offered to yet another community ripped apart by the savage violence coming from guns," he added.↕C327C273K5G5TA▤José Velásquez Castellano started working in agriculture when he was 13 years old. Ten-hour days, five or six days a week, in North Carolina's summer heat. It was sometimes blueberries, sometimes cucumbers — but mostly, it was tobacco.SCRH105R-820유And while many many people are glad to doff masks forever and plunge back into the madding crowds in transportation hubs, concert arena and sports venues, others are understandably ... nervous.↧0603Y250P100DQT➘After decades of shunning space tourism, NASA now embraces it with two private missions planned a year. The Russian Space Agency has been doing it, off and on, for decades.▥

↤Here's what happened: LSU forward Angel Reese celebrated the Tigers' fourth-quarter lead (and imminent victory) by waving one hand in front of her face — a gesture popularized by the wrestler as "You Can't See Me" — and tapping her ring finger while looking pointedly at Iowa Hawkeyes guard Caitlin Clark.⇧C318C102JAG5TA☇The CDC estimates about 1.7 million people are at high risk of contracting mpox, but, so far, only a quarter are fully vaccinated – meaning they've received two doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine.↖

▧An application filed by Tangaraju on Monday for a stay of execution was dismissed without a hearing Tuesday.▩


⇩"We freaked out. Given the history of this place, it's a little scary," he said.☪S103K75Y5PN63K7R▣Vox reported in January that nurses and other healthcare workers have frequently gone on strike in recent years. In 2022, eight of the 25 work stoppages involving 1,000 or more workers in the U.S. were done by nurses.▬TAJT475K016RNJ↬Earlier this month, DeSantis signed H.B. 1438 as part of a larger package of bills that codified anti-LGBTQ measures. The bills ban certain gender-affirming care for children, require restrooms in public buildings to be based on “biological sex,” and prohibit curriculums about sexual orientation and gender identity in pre-K classrooms through the eighth grade.↻1206Y1000100GAR▩And even as research has shown that other social media-fueled boycotts were short-lived, two Anheuser-Busch executives are on leave amid the firestorm.♪

✐Police in Brownsville, Texas say at least eight people are dead and nine others are injured after an SUV struck a group of people waiting for a bus in the border community. The driver is in custody.NTE6059♨But methane and the rocket's oxidizer oxygen need to be chilled to very low temperatures, which may explain the frozen valve.♥


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