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1825Y2K00821JXR◧Downing a spoonful of bubblegum pink amoxicillin is a regular part of being a kid, but a nationwide shortage of the antibiotic is making a particularly bad season of strep throat tougher.☈1210J6300120GAT¤In the U.S., the eclipse captured the attention of the nation, with droves of sky-watchers gathering in public spaces and taking road trips for a better view of the spectacle.☣


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EGP10DHM3/73➷"The entire team has come together to focus our thoughts, prayers, and actions to provide and sustain them with whatever comfort and support they need at this time, and I promise that this will continue long into the future," he said.❥T95V685M010HZAL◀The idea was so popular that Mad editor Al Feldstein wanted a follow-up. Jaffee devised a picture of 1964 GOP presidential contenders Nelson Rockefeller and Barry Goldwater that, when collapsed, became an image of Richard Nixon.♨

✎She said China, as the world's biggest bilateral creditor nation, needs to work with the U.S. and others to participate in "meaningful debt relief." For too long, she said, "it has not moved in a comprehensive and timely manner. It has served as a roadblock to necessary action."ⓛ


➴In fact, the recordings have given Oditt research ideas, like using sound to map Pando's labyrinth of roots. But above all, they're a sonic snapshot of this leviathan at this moment in time.▌500R07N3R3CV4T♗While acknowledging the deterministic forces that can make or break an aspiring physician, Chin-Quee also affirms individual agency. The author embraces two early setbacks in his medical career as learning opportunities — a far cry from the time when he sought to self-destruct in the name of professional vanity.▒B82442T1124K50☀"I'm not a victim, and this isn't a pity party. This is more about awareness," said Mabry, who is encouraging people to contact their state legislators about anti-LGBTQ+ bills in Texas.▤105R-471FS↺The GAO said the Transportation Department has increased its oversight of airline-scheduling practices. The Transportation and Justice departments are investigating whether Southwest scheduled more flights than it could handle before last December's meltdown.➼

◐"General Cavazos' combat proven leadership, his moral character and his loyalty to his Soldiers and their families made him the fearless yet respected and influential leader that he was during the time he served, and beyond," Lt. Gen. Sean Bernabe, III Armored Corps Commanding General, said in a statement.™5550N680J602LE☻She says she's optimistic those arguments won't prevail but adds that if they did, it would be "catastrophic" for abortion access.⋄

♀Conditions were expected to improve but some health impacts to residents, particularly those at higher risk, were still possible through Sunday afternoon, Colorado officials added.✄

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