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▅Regarding America's credibility in the world, some have argued that the Iraq War was the moment the U.S. ceded its global leadership role.◈1825Y5000102FCR↵At least 64 people, including eight children, died when their overcrowded wooden boat slammed into the shoals just a few hundred meters off Italy's Calabrian coast and broke apart early Sunday in rough seas. Eighty people survived, but dozens more are feared dead since survivors indicated the boat had carried about 170 people when it set off last week from Izmir, Turkey."☃1808J0160474KDT⇂"Your adv at 1.0 pm this Sunday an improvement, but Biden in same football [game] is extremely good. Or I think so! Will send it," Murdoch said in an email made public through legal proceedings.⇁1825J0630332FCR☭"Today, after the whole neighborhood has been upset about this giant pothole that's been screwing up cars and bicycles for weeks, I went out with my team and fixed it," he wrote on Twitter. "I always say, let's not complain, let's do something about it. Here you go."큐

◀The unemployment rate dipped to 3.5% in March, from 3.6% in February, even as 480,000 new people joined the workforce. The unemployment rate for African Americans fell to 5% — the lowest level since the government began tracking the figure in 1972.➸1812J2000121GCR⇨"With its elegant, clear-glass bottle and crisp taste, Miller High Life has proudly worn the nickname 'The Champagne of Beers' for almost 120 years," Molson Coors Beverage Co. said in a statement to The Associated Press.❀


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0805Y0250392MDR✍The Boy Scouts of America, based in Irving, Texas, sought bankruptcy protection in February 2020 in an effort to halt hundreds of individual lawsuits and create a compensation fund for thousands of men who were molested as youngsters by scoutmasters or other leaders.✉CDR32BP330BKUSAT▢Among Chipotle's complaints were that Sweetgreen's menu item features similar ingredients to its own, and that Sweetgreen makes "prominent use "of the famous Chipotle trademark in various marketing channels, as well as a font "near identical to Chipotle's stylized logo." The lawsuit also claimed Sweetgreen's advertisements feature "a background that is nearly identical to Chipotle's trademarked" Adobo Red color — all with the goal of creating a false association with Chipotle.♀


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C331C432KAG5TA▩In his 40-minute announcement speech, Scott highlighted his rise from poverty to prosperity and said that America is not a racist country. Scott is the only Black Republican senator in the U.S. Senate.☁VJ0805D680MLPAJ▣Austin said the mission to shoot down the balloon was conducted in coordination with the Canadian government.▣

✄This is a novel about grief, poverty, desperation, and the power of the criminals running Southie. However, the main element here is racism, and that makes it a relevant read today because, sadly, some of the discursive elements present in the story are still around. For example, most people in the story are convinced the young Black man who was found dead on the subway was an uneducated drug dealer from a broken family. He wasn't; he was educated, from a loving family (his mother worked with Mary Pat and considered her a friend), an athlete, and had no criminal record. While some folks see a bit of light, many don't, and that echoes with some of the behavior and discourse about race we see today.❈

☋Shareholder Guido Röthlisberger said he wore a red tie "to represent the fact that I and plenty of others today are seeing red."➳

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