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1812J0630331GCT☆A spokesperson for Bragg's office called the hearing a "political stunt."のBYM07-150HE3_A/I♦Mexico has deployed about 7,000 troops to the region to help prepare for an evacuation if one is needed. More than 25 million people live within 60 miles of the peak.⇝


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103-392HS✤The protesters from organizations called Young Friends of The Earth Norway and the Norwegian Sami Association's youth council NSR-Nuorat, said "the ongoing human rights violations" against Sami reindeer herders "must come to an end." Several of the activists donned the Sami's traditional bright-colored dress and put up a tent used by the Arctic people.▨0805Y2000160FQT♦Jones and Pearson, both of whom are Black, were voted out of the Tennessee House on Thursday for their actions that took place in response to the deadly school shooting in Nashville.↭


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2220J5000221FCR♦The Senate panel had planned to hold a hearing on May 2 to examine what Durbin called "common sense proposals" to hold Supreme Court justices to the same ethical standards as the rest of the federal judiciary, and Durbin had invited Roberts "or his designate" to take part.➜CWR09HB336MC♥This story was produced in partnership with KFF Health News and WESA. Support for this reporting came from The Commonwealth Fund, the Association of Health Care Journalists and KFF Health News.○


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2225J0630680FCT♟She noted in a statement that the Congressional Budget Office did not factor in any increased revenue from retroactive interest payments in its estimates of the impact of the resolution. The Congressional Budget Office said last week that the resolution would lower the deficit by $320 billion over the next decade due to future repayments of principal and interest on student loans.↹GA342DR7GF102KW02L卐Relatives of the victims were brought by buses to the mine in Yanaquihua in the Arequipa region, where they were briefed by security agents. Some sat in front of posters at the entrance to the mine to wait for the bodies of their loved ones.º


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0603J0100221KXR☀As the Supreme Court deliberates the future of President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, the House voted Wednesday to overturn the controversial plan to cancel more than $400 billion in debt, as well as restart loan payments for tens of millions of borrowers.™FA26X8R2A224KRU00•"I'm not going to lie to you, because, like, I love my coaches, I love the team, love my teammates — there wasn't any qualms with the athletic facility," he said.▓


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