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▦Tarrio, who sat in a Baltimore hotel room on that day, was "an entertainer, a lover and a razzle dazzler," not a ringleader, his lawyer said.❉


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2225J6300271FCT✡Key, who regularly appears to her son, may have a point. Mourning is inextricable from confusion; we blame the dead, we blame ourselves, we blame the world for being what it is, a place where endings are the only constant. White's book, which switches perspective between Colly and Key and goes back and forth in time, is a gorgeous novel about loss, survival and community.▬GCM21BR71H823MA37L↓Biden said he has been considering invoking the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to keep making debt payments. It says that "The validity of the public debt of the United States ... shall not be questioned."▤


✌The reaction to the video is just the latest in a string of public leaks of comments by company leaders that show them at odds with the attitudes of their staff during periods of economic hardship.ぃHZ4.3CP90TK↩In a statement, Candace Schmidt, the chairwoman of the Ponca Tribe, celebrated the stamp as a "symbol of the pride and perseverance for all of our members past, present and future."▣VJ1812A150FCLAR➽"I had seen him pull out a gun and that's when I said, 'We got to go, we got to go,' " she said. "I was scared, I'm not going to lie."⇞NLV25T-033J-PFD←"Ms. Holmes's misrepresentations to Theranos investors involved more than just whether Theranos technology 'worked as promised,'" the court's opinion says. "Ms. Holmes had also made several misrepresentations...such as those regarding the company's financial status, reliance on third-party and commercially available devices, partnership with Walgreens, and validation by pharmaceutical companies."➞

웃Rivers died from cancer, Chatham County Commission Chairman Chester Ellis told the Savannah Morning News. Campbell and Sons Funeral Home said Rivers died at a hospital in Savannah.●GJM1555C1H8R3BB01D⇂The new owners' first major task for the long-term future of the organization is a new stadium to replace FedEx Field, the rushed-to-completion home of the team since 1997 in Landover, Maryland, that has not aged well. Virginia abandoned a stadium bill last year amid a number of off-field controversies swirling around the team, though possibilities exist to build there, in Maryland or the District of Columbia at the site of the team's former home, RFK Stadium.£

☃On that day, their comments made me feel I was different and less than I was before. That I was missing out on something and I was no longer myself. It kept me crying for days. There was even a moment when I thought about killing myself.⇈

▬She was right. Soon, the story was picked up by local TV stations. Then, outlets across the country covered it.☼


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