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♐In the House, McCarthy has only four votes to spare on a good day, and he still struggles to deal with the House Freedom Caucus that bedeviled Boehner (whose majority margin of 24 was six times larger than McCarthy's today).➸


➡The pair were in a "dating relationship," according to an arrest affidavit, and were seen walking together in a gas station parking lot the morning after Gonzalez had traveled to Colorado to get an abortion.♈1210J5000472JCR►The attacker was 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, according to a statement from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Garcia was killed by police.▒HAZ151MBAKAGKR◎The judge, known for his even-keeled demeanor on his bench over the years, repeatedly lost his equanimity with Fox's blue-ribbon legal team, as the trial neared.☀SR135E104MARTR1☢NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Johnson & Johnson is earmarking nearly $9 billion to cover allegations that its baby power containing talc caused cancer, more than quadrupling the amount that the company had previously set aside to pay for its potential liability.▋

☂Hours after voting ended Sunday, the 55-year-old prime minister said he would "follow all constitutional procedures" but strongly implied he would not engage in coalition talks.☞C1206X682J2GECAUTO웃In his NPR interview, Minow said he'd embraced his legacy and that his children had jokingly already picked out his epitaph: "On to a vaster wasteland."❤

♤Witnesses said Perry was driving dangerously close to protesters; they also said Foster didn't raise his weapon toward Perry. But the defense team said Perry feared for his life, and that Foster had raised his gun. Prosecutors said Perry instigated the incident after running a red light.◇

↥Foreign heads of state and members of the British royal family and other royal families will begin to arrive for the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.✙


▒Mitchell told the BBC that the government was doing "intense planning" for "a series of possible evacuations."♪1206Y5000181JAR۰They've urged the administration to instead concentrate on lessening wildfire dangers by thinning stands of trees where decades of fire suppression have allowed undergrowth to flourish, which can be a recipe for disaster when fires ignite.↺PM40-180K☁About half of all fatal domestic blazes in New Zealand also involve alcohol or drugs, fire and emergency services say.×5022-132H↾But the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a U.S. trade group that represents major automakers including Ford and BMW, criticized the bill, calling the AM radio mandate unnecessary.«

▂A Defense Department official told NPR that Army staff "quickly identified he was a problem." The official did not go into detail about what the problem was.ⓞ103R-181J◄The next day, speaking to the Gazette while holding her grandfather's hand, the kindergartner said she was feeling a bit better. They didn't even know the man, she added.⋄

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