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❥The driver was arrested after voluntarily exiting the car in the San Damaso courtyard. Two guards immediately arrested the 40-year-old man. He was subsequently examined by doctors at the Directorate of Health and Hygiene of the Vatican City State, who found him to be in "a serious state of psychophysical alteration," the statement said.◊


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VJ0805Q220JFBAO♚Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush has introduced new legislation calling for $14 trillion in reparations for Black Americans, in an effort to see the federal government atone for the practice of chattel slavery and hundreds of years of racist policies that followed.▏CZRER52C33▭Do the woes of the world get you down? Are daily headlines capsizing your ship? Does it seem like it's taking too long for the deluge of April showers to clear the way for all those promised and proverbial May flowers? (Unless of course you're in a part of the world still awaiting rainfall due to climate agitations.)◑

☻There is also a morning-after drink, "Blue Soberaid," that mixes honey, water and salt to help stave off a hangover.♥


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CDR33BX683AKUS-ZAHAE↘Amid the unease, suggestions for NIL reform range from an assist from Congress through legislation, to creating verifiable NIL-approved entities.▶2225Y0100105JXR▱The attorneys general of California and New York have opened a joint investigation regarding allegations of workplace discrimination at the NFL — citing lawsuits filed by employees that detail sex, racial and age bias, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.♠

◨A video documentary about Navalny won an Oscar last month. The documentary portrays Navalny's career of fighting official corruption, his near-fatal poisoning with a nerve agent in 2020 that he blames on the Kremlin, his five-month recuperation in Germany and his 2021 return to Moscow, where he was taken into custody. He was later sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison and last year was convicted of other charges and given another nine-year term.➳

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