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SB1H100-E3/54♦The New York Post reports that the judge delivering Nasyrova's sentence called her an "extremely dangerous woman" with a "diabolical" scheme, and that she cursed at him as she left the courtroom.↯1537R-72G▐Other iconic references on the Fender Stratocaster is the inscription "Boddah Lives," scratched into the neck plate, which refers to Cobain's childhood imaginary friend. The guitar's case also includes the phrase "Abort Christ" written in large white letters.▲


♀Though bee stings are common, images of throngs of honeybees attacking people on a busy, residential street are less so.♥CBR04C669B5GAC➢Around 7 a.m. Wednesday, Atkinson and a deputy returned to the property with the homeowner. After a short meeting, the homeowner discovered Arrington inside. He sprinted outside and alerted the officers, who were standing in the driveway. Arrington then exchanged gunfire with them through a window, striking the deputy in the leg, Atkinson said.☼VJ1808A821JBLAT4X⇒Some in Vietnam believe that extracts from cat bones can help cure conditions such as asthma and osteoporosis.❤VJ0603V103MXACW1BC☝But because of the new trend of warmer sea surface temperatures, Taalas added, "El Niño will most likely lead to a new spike in global heating and increase the chance of breaking temperature records" that were only recently set.◎

卐"I don't have to tell you that fearless progress towards justice often meets ferocious pushback from the oldest and most sinister of forces," Biden said. "That's because hate never goes away."♨SR592A470JARTR1↕The Saudi-backed council, which was appointed a year ago, has given its initial approval to the draft deal, the official said.▨


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1808Y1000120KFR➫"This is an exciting opportunity for the Rural Utility Service to work collaboratively with our great partners, the Rural Electric cooperatives, in order to advance a clean energy future for rural America," Vilsack said. "So this is an exciting and an historic day, and it continues an ongoing effort to ensure that rural America is a full participant in this clean energy economy."❣C1206C562J5GACTU♨"No person should ever have to endure harassment, discrimination, or abuse in the workplace," James said in a statement. "No matter how powerful or influential, no institution is above the law, and we will ensure the NFL is held accountable."⇧


▣Russia blamed the attack on Ukraine and the United States. Both Kyiv and Washington deny any involvement.↤1808J2K00392JXR■In November 2019, Carroll filed her first lawsuit, accusing Trump of defamation. The lawsuit has since been tied up in federal court over the question of whether Trump can be sued over statements made while he was president. The proposed amendments filed this week seek to modify this first lawsuit, which had originally sought an unspecified amount in damages.♣FW257-TL-E-ON♜Police found Lee with stab wounds in the Rincon Hill neighborhood of San Francisco at 2:30 a.m. April 4. He died at a hospital.☀2225J1K20471MXR♨Two of the victims are students at Bay High School in Bay St. Louis. Four of the students attend nearby Hancock High School.➞

⇤Housing inflation is expected to decline at some point, but perhaps not as quickly as some had hoped, after a sharp drop in March.✉C0603C569K1GACTU◐Emergency workers scrambled to treat over 200 injured runners and fans. Law enforcement agencies launched a manhunt for the perpetrators. And Americans, glued to their phone and television screens, watched for hours, waiting for the confusion and chaos to unfurl into a narrative.□


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BZT52B13◈A vigil is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Sunday at Cottonwood Creek Church in the city of Allen.↮06035A2R2DAT2A♀"But the theft rates of certain Hyundai and Kia vehicles are so high that a number of name-brand insurers — to protect their own bottom line as well as those of their other policyholders — have decided to temporarily hold off on taking on new policyholders," he told NPR.☜


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