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◑Volker Perthes, the U.N. envoy for Sudan, said that both Burhan and Dagalo agreed to a three-hour humanitarian pause in fighting in the late afternoon Sunday, but violence continued to engulf the capital.♬

♂Those sorts of local health and environmental benefits are important, Shukla says. However, if the project increases Indonesia's fossil fuel supplies, then she says it undermines the country's climate plans.⇍


↩For a local science fair, he designed an app that uses AI to scan text for signs of suicide risk. He thinks it could, someday, help replace outdated methods of diagnosis.☢VJ0805D390FXPAC★Lawyers for Carroll — whose suit includes claims that Trump previously defamed her by publicly calling her case a "hoax," "scam," "lie" and "complete con job" — mentioned his new statement to Judge Lewis A. Kaplan. He wasn't pleased.✿ER1840-103JR❣NEW DELHI — "I have resigned," the journalist declared in a YouTube video last November. "You won't hear me on NDTV anymore saying, 'Hello, I'm Ravish Kumar.'" And with that, the longtime face of New Delhi Television, one of India's oldest news broadcasting channels, stepped down.C0402C682K5REC7867✿"Justice is a sharp instrument; it must draw fine distinctions. Conciliation depends on finding commonalities. It might require a little blurriness," Branigan observes.✌

✄A 12-year-old is charged with murder in the shooting of a Sonic restaurant employee in Texas last weekend, according to police.☻2N6250♣"I made it clear my intention was to play and to play for the New York Jets," he said last month on an episode of The Pat McAfee Show, adding that he was not "holding anything up."♣


۰Within minutes of the Twin Falls Police Department receiving the report of a shooting at Canyon Ridge High School, Josh Palmer, the city's public information coordinator, took to Facebook and other official social media accounts to share updates with citizens.↶ZXTN4002ZTA↵Overnight, videos on social media purported to show explosions in Syria's Deir el-Zour, a strategic province that borders Iraq and contains oil fields. Iran-backed militia groups and Syrian forces control the area, which also has seen suspected airstrikes by Israel in recent months allegedly targeting Iranian supply routes.❈GA1210A271GXCAR31G↛Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, was also in the vehicle. The group was apparently tailed by half a dozen vehicles with blacked-out windows.◥BLF182XRU◐Cassie Palelis, press secretary for the Florida Department of Education, said in an email to NPR on Monday that the department couldn't confirm or deny whether Barbee is under investigation and pointed to the state's legal process for investigating complaints against teachers.⇤

♪A 20-year-old woman was shot and killed by a homeowner in upstate New York on Saturday after the car she was in accidentally went to the wrong address, local authorities said on Monday.♞ES 1ZV⇙You could say that sisters Joanna and Esther are estranged. They grew up together, hidden away with their family's collection of magical books. Each book is a spell, written in blood. Now Joanna tends to the collection, alone and isolated. Esther fled years before when she found out she was endangering her family with her presence. Tired of living on the run, she decides to risk everything and remain at the Antarctic station where she spent the past year and finally began to put down roots. But almost immediately, magic catches up with her, putting her, Joanna, and their family's books at risk. Soon they realize that the spells controlling their lives go back further and have much more complicated origins than they could have imagined.►


☠The collapse occurred shortly before 1 a.m. on Sunday, in an old quarter in the center of Marseille, France's second-largest city, less than a kilometer (a half-mile) from its iconic old port. About 200 people have been evacuated from their homes in the area.▨C326C333G3G5TA¤"So I was dribbling around chairs, under tables, doing anything I could do to impress him," Rivers said.➜JANTX1N978CUR-1☺"That's what this is really about," Jones said in response, that he should "just assimilate."⇞1206Y0100224KXT↰The New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization condemned the new bill as a further violation of the basic human rights of Ugandans.♥

«MARGARET BRENNAN: But as you know, deportation is problematic to countries where the U.S. has strained relations like Venezuela and Cuba so even if you catch, you can't necessarily deport. So for Cuba and Venezuela, would you keep those Trump era sanctions on those countries which are already economically distressed? And some would say the sanctions make it even worse sending migrants here.⊙PN4117A⊠Soon after Modi became prime minister in 2014, NDTV's biggest competitor, Network 18, was acquired by Mukesh Ambani, another of Modi's billionaire allies. Since then, Ambani has become the boss of more than 70 outlets across the country, with a combined weekly audience of at least 800 million viewers.↹

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