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☈Most of them wear shirts or t-shirts over their saris so their wet clothes don't cling to them; the additional layer adds warmth. The strips of sari fabric thrown over the left shoulder streams behind like brightly colored flags as the divers slice through the waves. The water is cloudy because of frequent bouts of nitrogen and phosphorus, pollution that causes the growth of algae. The currents are strong, even on this nice sunny day.↕PSMN4R6-60PS,127♀From the 18th century and continuing as late as the 1960s, networks of boarding schools institutionalized the legal kidnapping, abuse, and forced cultural assimilation of Indigenous children in North America. Much of Lajimodiere's work grapples with trauma as it was felt by Native people in the region.♨VJ0402D2R2CXCAC×Rose Friedman and Ciera Crawford contributed to earlier versions of this story.☁GRM0335C1E8R0CA01D◧But if impeachment is impractical, some prominent members of Congress have managed to express their unhappiness with prominent members of the court. They have employed something more like moral pressure — such as was brought to bear against Justices Abe Fortas and William O. Douglas.☞

▦Kaplan recounted the testimony of two women who say they too were attacked sexually by Trump.✦1808J0160181MXT♕The incident also took place a day after the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called for a hate crime investigation into a separate incident at the Dr. Hani Awadallah public school in Paterson.↴


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VJ1206A470JXBAP✄MillerKnoll says the clip was "taken out of context and struck a nerve."➹C0805X512K8JACAUTO▀The wrangling led to the countries downgrading each other's trade status and Seoul's previous liberal government threatening to spike a military intelligence-sharing pact. Their strained ties complicated U.S. efforts to build a stronger alliance to counter challenges posed by North Korea and China.∴

➲Within weeks, she said, most mentions of those queens, including in news coverage, called them just that. For instance, the 1937 coronation invitation for King George VI said "King George VI and Queen Elizabeth."➤


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C927U222MYWDAAWL45◙The trial for this second lawsuit began in April. Carroll spent three days on the witness stand testifying in detail about the encounter. Trump did not appear in court, and his defense team called no witnesses.⊠MR052A221GAATR2❈Pro-government media outlets cast doubt on the BBC's credibility. A spokesperson for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party called the BBC "the most corrupt organization which has little regard for India's constitution while it works from here," while other officials called the documentary "hostile propaganda" and "anti-India garbage" with a "colonial mindset."⇗


☽Like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, First Republic, which was founded in 1985, catered to wealthy individuals, and many of its deposits were too large to be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).⇧T95D156M035ESAL➩Romano added: "Especially as he gears up for a difficult reelection, look for him to lean even more into the 'Dark Brandon' meme on social media as a way of galvanizing supporters online."★TPSA225K010H1800⇀For some journalists, the story did offer historic breakthroughs in how tools like social media could be used.✥1210J1K00330FFT▽On Saturday, Russian artillery hit the village of Naddniprianske, outside the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, severely wounding a 13-year-old boy. Then it struck the hospital where the boy was lying in intensive care, smashing the windows.❧

☆"Things are changing so fast," says Erik Brynjolfsson, a leading, technology-focused economist based at Stanford University.➹AUXCLF1404STRL↵About 90-100 Ukrainian troops are at Fort Sill undergoing the training, Defense Department spokesman Air Force Gen. Pat Ryder said Tuesday. Ryder told reporters at the Pentagon that the training was expected to last several months.→

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